OneAscent Celebrates Expansion Into Georgia, Florida and Tennessee

OneAscent, Birmingham, Alabama

OneAscent Wealth has acquired offices in Albany, Georgia, Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, and Columbia, Tennessee, to continue growing its team of financial advisors that serve clients nationwide. OneAscent Wealth announced two of these locations earlier this year as it launched the OneAscent Wealth brand as a subsidiary of OneAscent. OneAscent Wealth serves individuals and institutions that desire to integrate personal or missional values into their wealth management, financial planning, and investment decisions.

Many people unknowingly invest in companies whose products or practices conflict with their personal values. This problem stems from mutual funds and investment products that on the outside appear as a "black box." Most investors, and even financial advisors too, know very little about the companies and businesses inside.  OneAscent Wealth uses proprietary technology to identify mutual funds and investment products that are invested in companies profiting from abortion, pornography, tobacco, gambling, and other industries that might not align with their client's values. This enables investors to make informed decisions about what types of companies they want to own as well as which business practices are driving the performance of their investment accounts.

"Our clients should never have to wonder if their values and investments conflict," said OneAscent Wealth CEO Harry Pearson. "By taking the time to learn about our client's values before their financial goals, we understand what's important to them and then tailor their investments to match."

This expansion included the acquisition of Whiddon Wealth Management and Tevebaugh & Associates, as these firms join the existing OneAscent Wealth team in Birmingham, Alabama. This partnership allows OneAscent Wealth to continue expanding into these markets that have been well served by the Whiddon and Tevebaugh teams for years. 


OneAscent is a family of companies committed to delivering Kingdom-class financial solutions to advisors and investors. OneAscent Wealth Management advisors help individuals and institutions find clarity, confidence, and contentment in their financial lives. Our comprehensive suite of solutions aligns your planning, investment, and stewardship decisions with what you value most. 

For more information about OneAscent Wealth Management, please visit

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OneAscent Wealth
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