One Two Trade Opens an Arabic Language Desk

One Two Trade, the premier binary option trader, has opened up an Arabic language desk, bring trading services to a larger population. The Arabic speaking world covers more than 200 million people across 28 countries and has a penchant for online trading.

OneTwoTrade has opened a new customer service option for international binary option traders, making all trading available in the Arabic language. In addition to maintaining an Arabic language section on the trading website, One Two Trade also now features an Arabic desk to provide customer service for Arabic speaking customers. The new Arabic desk at One Two Trade, which opened on February 1, makes binary options trading available to a population eager to enter the world's trading markets. The desk focuses on the GCC countries, where online trading is a popular pastime, an affordable investment, and a common source of income on the side. Desk agents are native speakers of Arabic, and are well versed in online financial trading.

Financial traders in the Arabic world are always eager for new investment opportunities, and have developed a deserved reputation as "early adopters" of online trading techniques. The Arabic language new desk at One Two Trade makes that possible in their native tongue, and connects them with binary trading options in commodities such as gold and oil, as well as global equity indexes, individual stocks, and a variety of currency pairs. Business for the new desk has been good, and the Arabic language service agents are attracting new customers to binary option trading.

"They want to put their investments in gold and oil, and we make it easy for them. In our first month we have worked hard to open a new market, and take pride in our success."

Murad Abd-alrahman

Arabic desk manager

The service agents at the new desk are understandably excited about their role in creating a new service, and their enthusiasm shows when they talk to their customers. According to Arabic desk manager Murad Abd-alrahman, his client base appreciates most the one-on-one account management service offered. "They want to put their investments in gold and oil, and we make it easy for them. In our first month we have worked hard to open a new market, and take pride in our success." Individual account managers assist traders in maintaining their accounts, understanding the financial sectors, and navigating the online trading world.

One Two Trade's Arabic language desk offers services by phone, email, or live chat. The service desk agents provide a full range of services, and can assist clients in opening new accounts, making their first deposits, using the online trading platform, and withdrawing funds from their accounts. Initial contact with the Arabic desk can be made through the company's website. Arabic speaking binary option traders are encouraged to read the site and contact the new Arabic desk for more information.

One Two Trade is the premier site for binary option traders, offering its clients a quality platform, personal account managers, and top notch customer service. One Two Trade is fully licensed and regulated through the Malta Gaming Commission. As a reminder, all online trading involves an element of financial risk.


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