One Tablet Ends Toilet Odors

Doo Drops, Inc Announces the Launch of a New Product

NEW! Citrus Doo Drops Toilet Tablets/ Drop. Go. Flush / Home & Office- Traps the Smell so No One Can Tell /Professional Grade

The days of using dangerous candles, sprays that get all over everything, and polluting toilet sprays are over, with the release of an all-new toilet odor trapping tablet.

Finally, there is a way to trap those foul odors in the commode. Doo Drops, Inc has created a safe, all-natural, septic friendly, non-toxic, odor eliminating toilet tablet. This amazing toilet tablet is called Doo Drops. These tablets are environmentally friendly and easy to use and carry, giving every bathroom in the world a chance to be stink free. Simply drop one into the toilet before doing business. The tablet starts to fizz like an Alka-Seltzer, thus releasing refreshing essential oils to the surface of the water, creating a barrier that traps nasty odors beneath the layer formed. Once done, flush it away. 

"Great product for work! Use this at the office and it works and smells amazing! My co-workers love it!"

Harley, Certified Buyer

Used for home, office, and travel so you can be discreet no matter where you are, confidently leaving knowing the bathroom is smelling fresh. Doo Drops are easy to transport from place to place with no mess in any type of bag, unlike toilet sprays that leak and are hard to use. 

Doo Drops traps the smell so no one can tell. Just Drop, Go, and Flush, it’s that easy.

“The idea of Doo Drops happened in 2016 when the sister of Michael Brunett, the owner of Doo Drops Inc., religiously carried a toilet spray with her in her purse for fear of smelling up the bathroom in public with nothing to conceal it. While she was at the Dentist office, duty called and she went to the bathroom, realizing that the bottle leaked out all over her purse and ruined it, along with everything inside. When she came out, a dental assistant was waiting, unfortunately going into a fog of odor. Later that day she explained to Michael this experience and was off to buy another purse. After talking this over to a coworker, they decided a tablet was necessary and so went to work on it, thus creating… “The Doo Drop!”

About Doo Drops, Inc: Doo Drops, Inc is based in Titusville, Florida. Founded April 1, 2017, it is a Marine Corps Veteran owned company that has developed four fresh Doo Drop scents. Currently, Doo Drops is sold throughout the United States.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Brunett at (321) 831-5995 or email at

Source: Doo Drops Inc.

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About Doo Drops Inc.

Doo Drops Inc. is an al new company in the toilet smell concealing market that created a new easy to use, no mess tablet to control excrement odors coming from the stinking toilet. Eliminating the need for sprays and candles, just Drop. Go. Flush!

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