One of Top 50 Pulmonologists Opening a Second Medical Center in Fort Worth

Doctor Noble Ezukanma is extending his 27 years of medical experience to a second medical office in Fort Worth. Dr. Ezukanma recently opened up his first office in Fort Worth, Texas on June 22, 2017.

Ezukanma was one of 50 doctors at the highly ranked Plaza Medical Center in Fort Worth whose speciality was in pulmonology.

According to the American Lung Institute, in the state of Texas there were 27,454,275 cases of non-cancerous lung diseases in 2016. Out of those cases, 1,032,737 of them were pulmonary diseases.

“Our lungs require consistent check-ups, attention and diagnosis,” said Ezukanma. “I hope that the opening of my second office can allow patients to receive that specialized care.”

Prior to opening his own practice, Ezukanma has been affiliated with two other Fort Worth-based medical centers most recently at Baylor All Saints Medical Center.

The Central de Este Universidad graduate hopes to continue providing that same medical focus between his two locations to the city of Fort Worth.

“I like to provide health services to all of Fort Worth,” said Dr. Ezukanma. “I’ve been privileged to bring my specialities to this area and make a difference in the pulmonology field.”

Ezukanma, a Texas-based doctor not only specializes in pulmonology but has performed multiple surgeries in regards to sleep apnea, cardiac and coronary imaging and thoracentesis.   

“Sleep apnea is another focus of our medical centers,” said Dr. Ezukanma. “We provide CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines that can help control the flow of breathing in nocturnal stages.”

Similar to his first practice, Ezukanma wants to focus on internal medicine, pulmonary disease and sleep disorders.

Dr. Ezukanma accepts a variety of health plans ranging from Blue Shield Blue Cross to Humana.

To learn more about Dr. Ezukanma, visit his WebMD profile.

About Dr. Noble Ezukanma M.D. FCCP

Dr. Noble Ezukanma M.D. FCCP is a lung and sleep specialist, board certified in internal medicine, critical care medicine, and pulmonary disease medicine with an office in Fort Worth, Texas.

Source: Dr. Noble Ezukanma

About Noble Ezukanma MD. PA

Noble Ezukanma M.D. FCCP. Lung & sleep specialist, Board Certified in Critical Care Medicine, Board Certified in pulmonary Disease, Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

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