One of the World's Largest Semi-Conductor Chip Makers Partners With Ultria for End-to-End Contract Management Transformation

Artificial Intelligence Driven Contract Management

Ultria, one of the leading providers of enterprise contract management in the cloud, announces that one of the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturer has selected Ultria Contract Management to serve as the driver for the digital transformation in their contract management processes. The customer has been in the Fortune 50 list of the largest United States corporations for more than a decade.

The Ultria Contract Management platform will be at the core of the technology giant’s effort in digitizing and managing legacy contracts that they currently store in disparate systems. This customer will use the Ultria Contract Management platform to automate, centralize, integrate the contracting process to improve inter-departmental visibility, enhance searchability, accelerate negotiations, manage commercial obligations and ensure compliance with complex regulations.

Given the multi-billion-dollar, global and diverse operations, the nature of contracts involves complex legal and compliance structures that require an advanced contract management system. They have chosen to transform their contract management processes through Ultria CLM that will allow increased contract speed with their partners, service providers and customers while managing their commercial relationships uninterruptedly.

Arthur Raguette, EVP Ultria said, "We are excited to partner with this industry leader. With our AI-powered, intuitive CLM solution, we empower customers to expand their horizon and increase their global footprint as we centralize and standardize all its contracting processes for a cohesive, unified experience.’’

About Ultria: Ultria develops and licenses Contract Lifecycle Management solutions for enterprise Legal and Sales departments. Ultria CLM© is a proven, scalable, SaaS-deployed Contract Lifecycle Management system that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to be robustly and rapidly provisioned in today’s complex business landscapes. For information on Ultria, visit

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Riddhi Shah
Sr. Marketing Manager
+1 609 799 5665

Source: Ultria


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