One of the Most Important Environmental Inventions of the Century for Freshwater Fishermen May Very Well Be the Patented Luretreever, 'America's Premier Snagged or Lost Fishing Tackle Recovery System'

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Luretreever Industries, Inc. has announced that its product, the Luretreever, is ready for manufacture as soon as funding is secured. The company President, Richard Cepulonis, states, "The Luretreever is a necessary part of every fisherman's basic gear. Up until now, if a fisherman lost a lure in a tree while casting or got it snagged on an underwater obstacle during retrieval, he simply lost it with no way to recover it."

The Luretreever comes in a convenient backpack for easy transportation and storage. It consists of above water and underwater heads that fasten to a series of connecting pole sections, which recover lures and tackle from up to 30 feet away from trees and underwater obstacles.

The Luretreever is the solution to the problem of lost fishing tackle that plagues our planet and waterways. It is the equivalent to ocean cleanup of plastic, only on the freshwater level. The Luretreever helps fishermen recover a source of plastic and toxic contaminants contained in lures, lead sinkers, hooks and monofilament fishing line, which has never been addressed before on the freshwater level. When lost fishing tackle falls from trees into the water, the fish, waterfowl and wildlife either get entangled by the fishing line and hooks or ingest the toxins by eating the plastic and lead sinkers, then pass the toxins into the food chain to humans. Plastic tackle can take over 500 years to disintegrate and leaves toxins in the water in the process.

Imagine the ripple effect if 60 million fishermen in the USA, and millions more worldwide, could recover their lost fishing tackle and clean up the environment at the same time using our Luretreever?

The company is presently seeking funding to manufacture the Luretreever and bring it to market with a crowdfunding campaign at Potential angel investors and corporate sponsors are encouraged to participate. Check out our website at

The Luretreever is going to be a business with the mission of protecting the environment. That point was recently featured on News 12 Spotlight New Jersey.

At Luretreever we believe that our commitment to the environment is an investment in our collective futures.


Richard Cepulonis,
President, Luretreever Industries, Inc.
(973) 557-3861

Source: Luretreever Industries, Inc.


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