One Man's Idea is Inspiration for All to Make a Change

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World. Join the movement; Empower it Forward.

More than 3 billion people without sanitation live on less than $2.50 a day, and more than 880 million on less than $1 a day.

San Diego, CA Social Entrepreneur Brian Kelly has just released a new project called “Empower It Forward”. The first campaign is now up on Indiegogo for everyone to see and become a part of.  This campaign is showcasing the project in a unique way.  The backers are able to get an inside look at how this idea came to realization and become part of its future development.  Anyone who has a passion for giving is an ideal candidate to find out how it works.

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World. Join the movement; Empower it Forward.

Brian Kelly, President

To stimulate growth and reach potential givers, Brian has chosen crowdfunding as a platform to get the word out.  The crowdfunding process will allow Brian and his team to receive people’s reactions and help encourage societal engagement.  Crowdfunding is a fantastic and relatively new way of gaining global exposure fast. Brian is convinced that sufficient global reach will be the key to the success of his project. The goal of this campaign is to reach people who share the vision of getting actively involved in ending human suffering, want to share and exchange ideas while creating a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in collaborating on empowering people on a global scale towards individual as well as community-level self-sufficiency.

Brian’s premise is that we all have to buy things, so why not start shopping with a purpose?  When you purchase items through Brians campaigns & projects, over 34% of your spending goes toward bringing awareness to some of the world's most worthy causes, in full transparency. His approach is simple and yet it could be a powerful, tangible answer to various problems that are taking lives daily.  His team did an excellent job at creating perks that resonate strongly with their respective funders. In this campaign the backer can buy a t-shirt or Moroccan oil while a portion of the contribution goes directly toward helping someone in need.

Founder Brian says, “We’re confident that these efforts will bring to people something they didn’t even know was missing.  The engagement process synergistically fullfills the desire to be a part of the change that comes naturally when starting a new year and Brian and his team hope to continue on with many more empowering campaigns through 2015. It will help many  people to be more than they ever imagined.”

For anyone considering to help someone who is very limited in helping themselves and feels called to contribute towards the elimination of wide scale suffering, this is a project to have a look at.

"We’re really excited to be launching our campaign", says Brian. "With simple features and an intuitive platform, this is something anyone can use to jumpstart their personal initiatives to give back, and once they do, they will experience how rewarding giving back is.” Take a comprehensive look at what this groundbreaking project is all about.  For more information, visit:

And for those who cannot help with donations, they know how far a Facebook “Like” or “Share” can travel.  So every little bit of involvement counts. Thank you!


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