One Independent News Source is Fighting Back Against What It Calls a 'Censorship' Lawsuit

Journalist and CEO Stephen Oatley

Citizen Stringer News, an independent news source founded on the idea that real news is possible, has announced a crowdfunding campaign after its head Editor, Stephen Oatley, received a defamation lawsuit following CSN's publishing of a series of articles on a privately-held company.

"Whether it is a social media post, a funny image, a tweet, or even you simply sharing an article you found informative, your views are challenged and most of the time, you lose. The post, image, or article you shared or tweeted is labeled as false or worse, deleted, and you find yourself the latest victim of censorship. You ask yourself what can you do? You delete your social media, you self-censor in an attempt at complying, but it is wrong," says Oatley.

Citizen Stringer prides itself on reporting the truth -- always. When they get it wrong, they always correct it, but due to internal policies and protocols, they rarely have to do that. They still find themselves beholden to the censorship policies on social media. There is a motto at Citizen Stringer: "We Break The News." It doesn't simply mean they report the latest headlines before everyone else (although they do that often), it means they aim to break the way news is reported. Some do not like that style of reporting, usually the subjects they report on. 

As of Dec. 8, 2021, CSN's crowdfunding efforts have raised a total of 165 donations, with 66% of the fundraising goal to go. Visit to find out more.

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