One Bubbly Concoction: Dabble & Dollop Launches Its Children's 3-in-1 Bubbles, Body Wash and Shampoo Starter Kit

The new brand is designed to get kids "Creatively Clean™" with a line of mixable children's products

Dabble & Dollop Brand Packaging

Dabble & Dollop, the company promising to get kids “Creatively Clean™,” is proud to announce the launch of its “3-in-1 Starter Kit.” The kit features 10 ounces each of strawberry and tangerine gel, plus eight ounces of a vanilla-scented whip, allowing children to mix and match scents and create their own bubble baths, body washes and shampoos. The kit also includes water-resistant recipe cards and a logoed mixing bowl.

Founded by 20+ year personal care industry veteran and mother of three, Stephanie Leshney, Dabble & Dollop is custom formulated with a hand-selected suite of high-quality ingredients focused on fresh scents and mixability. Leshney noticed something missing on the shelves – zero brands were replicating how children play in the tub, which typically involves a slew of products being comingled for bubbly concoctions.

“I created Dabble & Dollop because I saw the need for a line of premium products focused on children ages 2 to 12,” commented Leshney. “As a mother of 10-year-old twins and a 9-year-old, it just no longer made sense to bathe my kids using lavender or chamomile-scented baby products. There were ultimately so many dynamics that inspired me to move forward with developing the brand: our kids love to get dirty, love fresh flavors, and moreover, love to make their own choices. We made products specifically designed to fill this gap.”

The key innovation lies in the mixability of its formulas. The company enlisted the top product formulators in the country, challenging them to use fewer, better, safer ingredients while ensuring that when blended, the fragrances remain fruity, fresh and authentic. The products feature plant-sourced ingredients, are dermatologist tested, tear-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, hypoallergenic and sustainably sourced from U.S.-based suppliers. 

“Tapping into children’s creativity and the STEAM movement was incredibly important for me,” added Leshney. “My father is a cosmetic chemist, and my previous company sourced unique natural ingredients from around the world. Marrying these two experiences while creating memories for my family, and others, is at the core of why I formed Dabble & Dollop, and it’s also why I’m so committed.”

The brand is gearing up to roll out additional scents in the coming months. Consumers can also join the company’s subscription service, “The Tub Club™,” and personalize what scents they receive, in addition to editing the frequency at which shipments arrive. The Dabble & Dollop 3-in-1 Starter Kit is available at and online soon at The brand will also link up with niche retail partners across the nation. The retail price for the kit, which includes 28-ounces of product, three recipe cards and a hand-held mixing bowl, is priced at $49.00. Customers purchasing the kit will also receive a gift – a set of custom Dabble & Dollop temporary tattoos. Individual bottles are anticipated to be $16.50.

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About Dabble & Dollop

Dabble & Dollop began from the depths of a bathtub in 2017 and officially launched in 2019. Founded by a mother of three and long-tenured personal care veteran, Stephanie Leshney, Dabble & Dollop is a bath and personal care brand focused on children ages 2-12. Known for its formula-first approach and innovations in product mixability, the brand focuses on fresh scents to inspire creativity and drive memorable experiences for children and parents alike. Find Dabble & Dollop online at or see them be social @DabbleandDollop (Facebook/Instagram).​


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