OncoGambit Increases Chances of Cancer Survival Rates and Relieves Patient Anxiety Through User-Friendly, Treatment Confirmation Platform

OncoGambit Gives Anyone w/ an Internet-Connected Device Access to 1100+ Cancer Experts to Instantly Provide the Best Recommended Treatments

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OncoGambit, the user-friendly online platform created to confirm a patient’s treatment plan based on the cumulative recommendation of over 1100+ experts, today announces the unveiling of their platform.

Founded by a team of highly experienced oncologists, Dr. Thehang Luu, MD and Laura Bourdeanu, NP, PhD, OncoGambit fills current gaps in the healthcare system by utilizing a state-of-the-art web based application that allows patients to compare their treatment to expert recommendations in real-time.

“In Laura's and my time in practicing Oncology, we clearly noticed the need for patients to obtain timely and accurate answers to questions about their treatment plan in order to relieve the emotional distress related to it,” said Dr. Thehang Luu, Founder and CEO of OncoGambit. “Through OncoGambit, we’re demystifying cancer treatments for patients and giving them the information they need to take an active role in their care. Our goal is to eliminate added stress in a timely fashion by providing them with additional expert recommendations and/or verifying the patient’s prescribed treatment from their oncologist is similar to the one agreed upon among experts. The beauty is OncoGambit is updated in real-time so it provides the latest data and research to both doctors and patients and acts as an instant answer for the treatment questions while eliminating the often costly and time-consuming process of seeing multiple oncologists. We really are giving patients the power of 1100+ cancer experts at their fingertips.”

Available for immediate use, OncoGambit.com incorporates guidelines and treatment recommendations that are based on published clinical trials that agreed by >1100 cancer experts. They are updated regularly as new data and studies become available. The most current treatment for a specific cancer may change year-to-year, as new studies are released and expert oncologists agree on what treatment will become standard practice. The same real-time updating and level of accuracy in treatment recommendations are currently not available on any other web-based medical platform. “This is like having the experts’ opinions at your fingertips,“ said Luu.

How It Works:

When a patient visits OncoGambit.com, they’re prompted to answer specific questions that pertain to them and their cancer, such as age, the stage, molecular biology and features of the tumor (which should be provided to them by their own oncologist). Once this information is provided, they get a personalized report. That report will include details that are easy to understand, in order to help that particular patient, based on their specific circumstances. It’s really that simple! It's important to note that the patient must have this detailed information from their oncologist or surgeon before they go to our website.

They would take the following steps:

  • Receive initial pathology and treatment plan from an Oncologist
  • Visit OncoGambit and fill out the questionnaire with the required information 
  • Download a customized report ($49.99). The system does not store any patient information, so we suggest patient print their report and take it back to their doctor for discussion.

About OncoGambit:

OncoGambit is a user-friendly website created to confirm a patient’s treatment plan based on the cumulative recommendation of over 1100+ experts. The site was created by a team of oncologists with more than 20 years’ experience each and is meant to alleviate worry and inconvenience for people diagnosed with cancer by being the best and fastest answer for their treatment questions that patients and their family members need.

OncoGambit’s system summarizes all the important actions and guidelines associated with any type of cancer to help patients improve their survival rate, while taking information such as stage of cancer, age, gender, etc. into account to provide personalized recommendations for the best treatment possible. We simulate the most up-to-date national guidelines in cancer treatments and provide patients with the right guidelines for their treatment plan to ensure their survival. Through OncoGambit, patients have the power of 1100+ Cancer Experts (NCCN, ASCO, ASTRO, ESMO), in one place at one affordable rate of $49.99 per report. Learn more about OncoGambit here: www.oncogambit.com

About the Founders:

OncoGambit was founded by Dr. Thehang Luu, MD. She was later joined by Laura Bourdeanu, NP, PhD. The pair first met while working together at City of Hope. They shared similar views on how best to take care of patients and spoke at length about how to improve patients’ lives by giving them the information they need to feel confident in their cancer treatment plan. The goal was to bridge the patient - doctor gap and the idea for OncoGambit was born!

Dr. Luu attended medical school at the University of Massachusetts, MA, and did her fellowship at Tufts University Medical Ctr, MA. Dr. Bourdeanu holds a Masters of Nursing Science from Yale University, CT, and a PhD in Nursing from Azusa Pacific University, CA.

Connect with OncoGambit:
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