onAmericanNews.com Announces New Online Magazine About Politics and Culture

onAmericanNews has taken a fresh, unconventional approach to its content and design.

In the birthplace of American Independence, onAmericanNews.com has launched its new online magazine covering politics and culture. New posts fill six content areas weekly. The online magazine’s goal is to take a fresh look at selected news stories and place them in a broader social context. Their focus is on context, analysis, new solutions, and ideas designed to get the public dialogue back on track.

onAmericanNews has also decided their content will be a “Trump-Free Zone” and will not cover the President’s tweets while also encouraging mainstream media to do the same. They are calling for a 90-day moratorium on the main-stream media coverage of President Trump’s tweets to begin immediately.

The online news source is also calling on all schools across the country to adopt individual victims of gun violence as a way to remember all that has been lost, long after the thoughts and prayers have vanished and forgetfulness settles in. This is among several other issues that the editorial direction of the publication is seeking.

“We are looking to challenge the American people to think differently about the news they are consuming, and so our publication will stand as a leader in providing fresh content from a unique perspective,” says Josh Hammond, CEO of onAmericanNews. “Our goal is to be vigilant, not vigilantes. Think of onAmericanNews.com as an internet-based coffee-table book, not a source of daily news, but a weekly source of reliable context for selected stories in today’s headlines.”

Hammond also adds, "onAmericanNews relies on the spadework of serious journalism, away from the personality of talk show hosts and their guests who repeat talking points endlessly under the cover of ‘breaking news.'"

The iconic “don’t tread on me” snake is used in the online magazine to grade the urgency placed on addressing the content of each post. It is used to honor Howard Beale, the news anchor in the 1976 movie "Network" where he famously proclaimed that, "He was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore."

In addition, most posts have a Greek Chorus, a commentary on the meaning or relevance of the publication’s analysis. In the ancient Greek theater tradition, it is a small group of "masked" actors who helped the audience (reader) know what is being said.

Like a good magazine, it also has a "time out" section where the reader can find cocktail recipes, a closer look at classic art such as Thomas Hart Benton painting, and a visual way to wager for a 1928 Baglietto yacht as Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini do so cunningly.

The news magazine is open to ideas and suggestions and considers this is a learning process. For more information, visit onAmericanNews.com.

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onAmericanNews.com is a start-up website designed to be read as a coffee-table magazine about culture and politics. For more information, visit onAmericanNews.com.

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