ON1 Launches ON1 Effects 2024 With Revolutionary AI-Powered Features

Empowering Photographers With Cutting-Edge AI Tools and Enhanced Performance

ON1, a leading developer of the innovative ON1 Photo RAW editing software, proudly announces a major update to its renowned effects plugin ON1 Effects. The newly launched ON1 Effects 2024 is set to revolutionize how photographers enhance their images, offering an unparalleled range of creative possibilities and professional-quality results. 

ON1 Effects 2024 empowers photographers of all skill levels with a vast library of presets, filters, LUTs, textures, and borders. This versatile application can be used as a standalone tool or as a plugin for popular photo editors like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, seamlessly integrating into any photographer's workflow. 

New Features in ON1 Effects 2024

  • AI Style Advisor: The AI Style Advisor tool uses AI technology to recommend the perfect looks for photos, learning from users' editing preferences over time. It ensures increasingly accurate and personalized recommendations and incorporates AI suggestions from the ON1 team​​.
  • Updated Effects Preset Collection: ON1 Effects 2024 includes over 100 new presets, reflecting the latest trends and styles. These presets enable photographers to achieve professional results instantly, keeping them ahead of the curve​.
  • User Interface Overhaul: ON1 Effects 2024's updated interface emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. The redesigned layout allows users to access essential tools easily, providing a streamlined and visually appealing editing experience while maintaining familiarity for existing users​​.
  • Enhanced Performance: Opening photos is now more than twice as fast, and actions like brushing, zooming, and panning are smoother. Batch exporting has also been optimized, resulting in up to 2x faster processing times​.
  • Updated Color Balance Filter: The Color Balance Filter now features a new color-wheel style control, allowing for intuitive and precise color adjustments. This visual approach simplifies achieving the perfect color balance in photos​​.
  • Layers Pane Enhancements: In response to user feedback, ON1 has revamped the Layers pane for improved functionality, particularly benefiting Adobe users. The adjustable layout and enhanced layer settings provide greater flexibility and control over the editing process​​.
  • Paste Pixels: ON1 Effects 2024 introduces the ability to seamlessly paste photos and pixels from external applications as new layers. This feature enhances creative possibilities by streamlining the integration of external content into ON1 Effects edits​​.
  • Expanded Camera and Lens Support: ON1 Effects 2024 now supports a wider range of new cameras and lens profiles, ensuring compatibility with the latest photography equipment​​.

ON1 Effects 2024 is available for order today at a discount of up to $40 off the regular price of $69.99. Existing ON1 product owners qualify for the upgrade price. ON1 Everything subscribers, who receive all the latest ON1 software, can download ON1 Effects 2024 at no additional cost from their ON1 account. 

Source: ON1