On National Entrepreneurs’ Day, California Executive Launches Card Game 'Ready Set CEO,' to Unlock the Untapped Potential Within Every Aspiring Business Leader

“I call upon all Americans to commemorate this month with appropriate programs and activities and to celebrate November 21, 2023, as National Entrepreneurs’ Day." — President JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR. The White House. (2023, October 31). A Proclamation on National Entrepreneurship Month

Ready Set CEO! card game

Created by Chris Folayan, award-winning entrepreneur, author, and speaker with success stories spanning over 25 years and three continents, Ready Set CEO is the first business card game of its kind developed with input from over 100 international CEOs.

  • How do you build trust and credibility with customers?
  • At what point in time should a business get an investor?
  • Would you prioritize employee well-being and work-life balance over profitability?

Commenting on the launch, the Californian serial entrepreneur and investor who built his first start-up at only eight years old, followed by a multi-million dollar software business by age 20, said:  

"This game isn't just a collection of thought-provoking questions from industry titans; it's a catalyst for unlocking the untapped potential within every aspiring business leader." 

Ready Set CEO card game can be used as journal prompts, group discussions, and team-building activities to unlock the CEO within you. Each of the 150 cards triggers a journey of self-discovery, challenging you to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and transcend perceived limitations. 

Professor Nathalie Virem, who teaches Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management at California State University in Los Angeles, shared: "Mr. Folayan is a four-time exit global entrepreneur. More than a game, Ready Set CEO is a business class in a box, inspiring everyone to think outside of it.” 

Indeed, the game has already sparked the interest of accelerators, incubators, and schools. Starting with his alma mater San José State University (SJSU), Folayan has been invited to host a series of business lectures and workshops based on the game in the U.S. and abroad. 

Over the years, he has mentored countless startup founders and students at some of the U.S.’ most prestigious universities, including Stanford, UC Berkeley, Kellogg, Harvard, and UCLA. Folayan has also graced the stage of the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and London Stock Exchange. His career and thought leadership have been featured by The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, and TechCrunch. 

"Whether they are running family restaurants or opening new factories, American entrepreneurs create businesses that are the heart and soul of our communities. This National Entrepreneurship Month, we honor the job creators, business owners, and daring innovators who remind us of the promise of the American Dream.” — President JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR. The White House. (2023, October 31). A Proclamation on National Entrepreneurship Month 

Ready Set CEO is a great holiday gift to inspire friends, family, and colleagues to unleash their inner CEO and achieve remarkable success in 2024. Age 10+. Now available at www.readysetceo.fun for $19.99.

Source: Ready Set CEO

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