On-Line Store Offers Extensive Library of Industrial Water Books

ULTRAPURE WATER's On-Line store offers one of the largest libraries of books dedicated to industrial and high-purity water treatment. Books cover the major treatment technologies and highlight the unique needs of several industrial water users.

Are you looking for a book about industrial water treatment? ULTRAPURE WATER's On-Line store offers a wide selection of offerings, ranging from high-purity water as used in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industries to water used in petrochemical or paper mill plants. The store's library covers key technologies associated with successful water treatment.

One example is "Condensate Polishing- Purification Technology for Steam Power" by George Crits, an expert in power plant water treatment, ion exchange, and condensate polishing.

The book on Condensate Polishing is one of 22 books offered at the ULTRAPURE WATER On-Line store. Other timely water treatment topics covered include reverse osmosis, ion exchange, water treatment in semiconductor, power generation, and pharmaceutical applications, and general water treatment.

"Ion Exchange Deionization", "Practical Principles of Ion Exchange Water Treatment", and "Amber Hi-Lites Ion Exchange Technology" all focus on this important deionization treatment technology.

Books that focus on reverse osmosis offered at the on-line store include "Reverse Osmosis: A Practical Guide for Industrial Users", and the recently released "Reverse Osmosis: Industrial Applications and Processes".

Several books offered by the ULTRAPURE WATER On-Line bookstore focus on the particular water treatment needs in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. Those books are: "Electronics Grade Water Preparation", "Optimizing a High-Purity Water System", "Pharmaceutical Water Systems", and "High-Purity Water Preparation for the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, and Power Industries".

ULTRAPURE WATER On-Line offers several general water treatment books. Examples of those titles include "The Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatment", "Fundamentals of Fluid Filtration: A Technical Primer", "The Nalco Water Handbook", and "Coagulants and Flocculants-Theory and Practice". Other titles are available at the ULTRAPURE WATER home page (http://www.ultrapurewater.com). In addition to the books, the on-line bookstore also features a 12-volume interactive CD Water Treatment Encyclopedia that provides timely training in key water treatment subjects.

A complete listing of books and CDs offered by Ultrapure Water journal is available at http://www.ultrapurewater.com/ZENCART/. The web site also offers details about Premier Subscriptions to ULTRAPURE WATER journal, which is an on-line periodical that covers the business and technology of water treatment. More information is also available by calling 303/973-6700, or by emailing info@ultrapurewater.com.

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