On-Body Subcutaneous Injection Systems Positioned to Prosper as Dosage Volumes Push Past the 2 mL Barrier

Developers Turning to New Materials and Advanced Electronics According to Greystone Research Associates

As drug developers widen the therapeutic envelope to create effective treatments for intractable disease targets, they are finding it necessary to move beyond traditional limits on drug formulation and dosing. The result is often specified doses that are beyond the acknowledged limit of 1-2 mL for subcutaneous injections. Device designers have introduced a solution in the form of injectors with reservoirs typically ranging from 5 to 20 mL that are designed to be worn by the patient to facilitate dosing durations of several minutes. These on-body subcutaneous injection systems are filling an unmet need that will push their adoption into new therapeutic areas.

Improved patient adherence, efficient delivery of high-priced biologicals and patient and caregiver safety are key market drivers in this sector. The cost of biologicals such as recombinant proteins has led to the almost-exclusive use of pre-filled devices to reduce cost and waste associated with the handling of vial-packaged drugs. Partnerships between device designers and drug developers are an essential element in the success of pre-filled devices, particularly for patient self-administration.

For patients with conditions that compromise their motor skills, design functionality and ease-of-use are not just preferences but hard requirements. The number of aging patients who will be expected by the managed care community to administer their own injectable drug therapies in spite of crippling conditions such as MS or rheumatoid arthritis will grow dramatically over the next two decades. Emphasis on concurrent design and early prototyping of new injection device designs will be critical tactics in minimizing time-to-market and maximizing profits.

There are a number of therapeutic drug segments and individual drug classes with large user populations that are being delivered in legacy fashion. Such situations can provide exciting opportunities for on-body subcutaneous injection system market participants. The companies behind a number of infusible and injectable drugs are well-aware that drugs delivered intravenously have been so far bypassed by the evolution that has taken place in the subcutaneous space. We expect drug developers to be willing participants in discussions about possible collaborative projects with device suppliers that have validated technology, and business models that have not outstripped their resources.

Several products in this device class have already reached the market, and recent agreements between device suppliers and drug developers are serving to validate the market need that on-body subcutaneous injection systems address. We expect these devices to achieve and sustain double-digit unit growth over the next five years.

On-body subcutaneous injection systems are detailed in a new and comprehensive report researched and written by Greystone Research Associates. On-Body Subcutaneous Injection Systems: Products, Therapeutics, Markets, Players & Forecasts analyzes more than a dozen on-body systems that enable the self-administration of injectables in ambulatory settings, avoiding the need for out-patient infusion. Also included are analyses of demand drivers and development factors, market considerations, forecasts and profiles of market sector participants.

More information is available at http://www.greystoneassociates.org.

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