On April 8, 2017 Unite America USA Will Hold Its First March in Los Angeles

The Unite America USA March aims to show the Trump Administration and the world the power of the people's collective voice.

Unite America USA holds its first event on April 8, 2017. Starting at 8:00 a.m. PST, people will gather at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. There, marchers will walk in solidarity around Exposition Park, where the Unite America USA March talks take place. The event draws on voices of invited speakers from the nations President Trump banned, pioneers in media, radio, television and film and members of the entertainment industry who don’t support the Trump Administration.

The Unite America USA March stems from the current political environment of unrest taking place and aims to build off these movements in response to the Trump Administration.

UA’ USA March asks participants to take a firm look in the mirror to decide what action to take beyond the discourse. The March aims to send a resounding message to the Trump Administration that “His Power, Is Actually Our Power.”

“Instead of trying to suppress the press, we’ll uplift their constitutional rights of free speech and an uncensored press. Instead of building walls or imposing bans on individuals who make up the diverse fabric of America, we’ll strengthen communication” says Denise Darrell Media Coordinator at Unite America USA.

Unite America USA will host fundraisers, rallies, and concerts throughout the country to support organizations fostering immigration, civil liberties, and American ideals as well as offer legal referrals to those in need. It will raise $100,000,000 and open 100 Unite America USA Chapters within the year. Those needing legal assistance for immigration or civil liberties violations, should email help@uausa.org.

To register for the March or make a donation in support of the organization, visit UAUSA.org. United America USA wants individuals to open a chapter in their city and ask that they join them April 8, 2017 to further this cause. If interested, email info@uausa.org to receive logos. 

About Unite America USA

With 30 years combined experience organizing events to support special causes, Unite America USA is well-positioned to offer assistance and referral support to victims of many civil liberties violations.

Media Contact

Denise Darrell
​Special Events, Media & Marketing Coordinator
1-800-906-7157 Ext 1380
​Outside US Call 1+202-277-9290. Ext 1380

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