OMGI Dot COM Premium Domain is Up for Sale for the First Time Since 1996

One of the most valuable domain names on the internet is up for sale for the first time since its first initial registration in 1996. OMGI.COM has been living up to its name for over two decades in serving its purpose on the World Wide Web.

This is the first time this short and brandable domain name is being offered for sale since its creation date. You may wonder why there is any value in a domain name at all. A domain name is essential for a business to operate online. A website cannot operate without one. This is actually the name of the website and your email address which is why it plays a crucial role in your marketing plan. Choosing the right domain name will endorse and promote your business. Choose the wrong one and you make it very difficult for your business to succeed. is a very rare domain because it is short yet very memorable; it can offer a variety of meanings so it can be suitable for various businesses in different industries. It may be the case that a business already has a website but wants to either re-brand or simply protect their existing brand. For example, while Apple’s Siri software does not require a domain name as it is not an individual product that Apple markets, yet actually forwards to the Apple website.

Some of the most know global companies and brands have been established on a four-letter .com, domain and these include,,,, and many others. This clearly indicates that having a short .com like will put you in a league with the big players.

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