Olympics West Senior Living Community Staff Responds to COVID-19 With 'Heroes Pledge'

As communities across Washington begin to reopen, Olympics West Senior Living Community recognizes that this may lead to feelings of complacency, so they are taking extra steps to ensure its staff and residents keep their focus on infection prevention and control. 

Staff members are being asked to sign a Heroes Pledge, where they promise to continue practicing stringent infection control procedures – including physical distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, etc. – both within and outside of the community and to encourage others to do the same. 

“Our staff is doing an amazing job caring for our residents, their families and each other during this unprecedented time,” says Kathleen Price, vice president of nursing. “This pledge is just one tool we use to highlight the importance of physical distancing, frequent hand-washing and wearing masks while out in public.”

The reaction from the staff has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We want do everything we can to keep our residents safe and able to enjoy life fully,” says Diane Johnson, a Medication Technician at Olympics West. “The pledge is a great reminder to stay conscious of our goal even when we’re not at work.”

To learn more about Olympic West’s COVID-19 response, please visit https://www.jeaseniorliving.com/health-and-safety.

Source: Olympics West Senior Living Community


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