Oloid Launches Privacy-Forward App for Wellness Attestation and Expands Workplace Safety and Security Platform

Oloid Certify - Wellness forms

​​​​​​​Oloid Inc. today announced the general availability of its new software product, Oloid Certify, the latest addition to its workplace safety and security platform. The Certify App will enable organizations to administer wellness questionnaires to ensure contagion safety and data privacy at workplaces. The Oloid Certify product will seamlessly integrate with Oloid’s thermal scanning and contactless biometric technology which has been widely deployed for time clocking and access control applications with several large employers, including Fortune 500 companies.

Oloid Certify includes a responsive web application for the employees and visitors to fill out the symptoms questionnaire on their phones or computer without the need of downloading a mobile app. Once the questionnaire is filled out, Oloid Certify assesses the risk and generates a green or red QR code along with instructions. Depending on the risk assessment of the responses to the questions, a red QR code or a green QR code is generated. A red QR code is accompanied with instructions to take precautions and to contact the company representatives before entering the workplace.

Oloid Certify also includes a Mobile App for capturing data and ensuring compliance at the entry points of the workplace. Employers can install this app on any tablet or smart phone and place it at the reception desk. Employees and visitors will be required to scan the green QR code on the mobile app in order to gain access. The mobile app verifies the validity of the QR code. Automated alerts can be sent over email and SMS to notify safety personnel when a red QR code is scanned. The captured data from the form will be transmitted to the company’s servers for future contact tracing and compliance audits. The data is immediately deleted from the Oloid system. This ensures the highest degree of compliance and privacy.

“In the wake of the current global pandemic, the Oloid team is committed to bringing innovative products that can ensure business continuity and improve employee safety. Businesses should not feel like they have to choose either employee safety or data privacy. Oloid Certify provides an effective way of mitigating contagion risk while ensuring that none of the user data is retained in the Oloid servers,” explained Oloid CEO,  Mohit Garg.

Oloid is currently offering the Oloid Certify App free of charge to qualified businesses. The Oloid Certify mobile app can be downloaded from the IOS APP store and Google Play store.

About Oloid:

Oloid is a Silicon Valley-based AI company committed to providing secure, safety and privacy-forward authentication across the entire day-of-the-life of deskless workers within essential industries. The company developed the first COVID era contactless biometrics platform for “deskless workers” in partnership with several Fortune 500 companies. Oloid is backed by Emergent Ventures, Unusual Ventures and other marquee investors. 


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