Ollendorff Center Launches Rational Religion Movement

Rational, Ethical and Spiritual Religion

The Ollendorff Center has launched the Rational Religion movement.  

Stephen Ollendorff, President of the Ollendorff Center, in commenting on the launch stated, “Our belief is that in today’s ever-changing world, any credible religious beliefs have to meet these basic three precepts:

·         They have to be Rational

·         They have to be Ethical &

·         They have to be Spiritual

The connection of rationality and religion can also be seen in the interaction between science and religion which can best be summed up by Albert Einstein who stated ‘Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind’, added Ollendorff. “We believe that each religion must try to meet and embrace these three precepts in their own way”, continued Stephen Ollendorff.

The 10 Principles of Rational Religion will be presented on Caucus New Jersey, the Emmy Award winning show hosted by Steve Adubato and will  aired on October 24, 2015 on WNET (PBS, NY), Channel 13 and its affiliated networks, WLIW (Long Island) NJTV (New Jersey) and WHYY(Philadelphia) .

Air dates for the show, Rational Religion in the 21st Century will be:   

Saturday, October 24: 12:00pm, NJTV

Saturday, October 24: 12:30pm, WNET, Ch. 13

Sunday, ​October 25: 8:30am, NJTV

Sunday, ​October 25: 11:30am, NJTV

​Tuesday, October 27: 5:30am, NJTV

​Tuesday, October 27: 5:30pm, WHYY, Philadelphia

In addition to Steve Adubato host of Caucus: NJ and Emmy Award winning broadcaster, panelists will include:

Ø  Stephen Ollendorff- President of the Ollendorff Center For Human & Religious Understanding

Ø  Dr. Anthony Cernera- Founder and President, Being the Blessing Foundation

Ø  Jacov Sedlar– Award winning film director

Ø  Dr. Alp Aslandogan- Executive Director, Alliance for Shared Values

Drs. Cernera and Aslandogan along with noted theologian and scholar, Rabbi Jack Bemporad and Stephen Ollendorff contributed to the creation of the Ten Principles of Rational Religion for our modern world.

About the Ollendorff Center:

The Ollendorff Center was founded to create religious and human understanding through a series of educational programs, award winning documentaries (including the First International Peace Award at the Venice Fim Festival) and global outreach programs.

To learn more about our programs please visit our website, http://OllendorffCenter.org