Olivia Rox Treats Fans to New Acoustic Album for Free Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As we shelter at home to help slow the spread of COVID, Songbird Records announces that rising pop artist Olivia Rox has gifted "Just A Girl & Her Guitar", an acoustic album exclusively on her website for free to her fans.

Olivia Rox "Just A Girl & Her Guitar" Album Cover

​​​​​​​​Olivia Rox's new acoustic, introspective album aptly titled, “Just a Girl & Her Guitar” is free for a limited time thru July 30 for digital download, then drops globally across all platforms for sale & streaming July 31st, 2020. You can also pre-order the CD now on oliviarox.com.

“Since many fans have been financially impacted by COVID, and in the spirit of sharing & unity, Rox & her label Songbird Records are giving this album to her fans for free. As we think of ways to give back, one amazing thing Olivia has to give is her music,” says label CEO Tamara Van Cleef.

Colorado-born Olivia Rox is becoming one of the country’s most acclaimed singer-songwriters. Her last 3 singles from her debut album “Poprox” all landed on the Top 40 US radio charts.

Her debut album “PopRox” is still burning up the pop radio airwaves, with her 3rd single “Shooting Star”. Watch at https://youtu.be/qbLQF2COzPY. Since the pandemic halted her Poprox tour, Olivia decided to pull up her bootstraps and not let this extraordinary time in life sidetrack her. So, she decided to record yet another new album, which is a complete departure from her normal pop-rock world, bringing you this acoustic gem. Amidst a pandemic spawning so much uncertainty & fear, both in music and the world, she delivers this beautiful gift.

So, wash away your cares for a bit, and listen to this new authentic acoustic album. Olivia’s voice & guitar playing will have you singing along to every song. It’s moving, deep, happy, sad, everything that you want from music, because It makes you forget your troubles & feel good. Part of it’s magic is that it's no-frills & bare-bones, which makes it really stand out. The enchanting vocals are all one-takes, and no auto-tune! It's back to basics, when autotune didn’t even exist. Yet she manages to deliver a Joni Mitchell-esque throwback album, full of intricate melodies, & thought-provoking lyrics that we’ve come to expect from Rox. Olivia & her label's decision to release this body of work was because Rox’s creativity was flowing during this pandemic, and the world needs to hear it. Rox is a songwriter with a vast catalog that crosses many genres, and the one constant that everyone can appreciate is a good tune, and there’s no shortage of them here. In such unprecedented times, this young artist gives us hope and a promise of much to offer to the world. If you haven’t listened to Olivia Rox’s “Poprox” & “Just A Girl & Her Guitar” yet, they are well worth a listen.

Contact: CEO@songbirdmusicgroup.com

Source: Songbird Records