Ohio's New Dawn: Refresh's Inc. 5000 Achievement and Its Role in the State's Renewal

Refresh Honored Among America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies While Reigniting Economic Prosperity in Ohio's Iconic Cities

Ohio's New Dawn: Refresh's Inc. 5000 Achievement Pic

Today, Inc. Magazine heralded Refresh at No. 2,225 on its acclaimed 2023 Inc. 5000 list, spotlighting America's fastest-growing private businesses. But beyond national accolades, Refresh's story is deeply intertwined with the resurgence of Cleveland and Akron's economies — historic cities in Ohio once booming with industrial vigor.

Historically, Cleveland and Akron thrived as epicenters of American industry, with steel mills, rubber factories, and a sprawling manufacturing ecosystem. However, the latter half of the 20th century saw these industries wane, leading to job losses, economic depression, and a search for a new identity. Fast-forward to today, companies like Refresh are sowing seeds of economic rejuvenation, drawing upon the resilient spirit of these communities.

"Making it to the Inc. 5000 represents our ambition at Refresh, but it's also a testament to the resurgent vitality of Cleveland and Akron. We're humbled by our role in this renaissance, continuously innovating to forge an even brighter future for our home cities," said Adam Ferracane, founder of Refresh.

The 2023 Inc. 5000 list showcases companies driving tremendous revenue growth despite broad economic challenges. With Cleveland and Akron as its bedrock, Refresh stands as an emblem of what's possible when innovation meets community-driven purpose.

"Running a business has only gotten harder since the end of the pandemic," says Inc. editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk. "To make the Inc. 5000 — with the fast growth that requires — is truly an accomplishment. Inc. is thrilled to honor the companies that are building our future."

"In the evolving economic landscape, Refresh's story is one of revival and optimism," states Adam Ferracane, CEO of Refresh. "In Cleveland and Akron, we're not just rejuvenating apartments; we're part of the larger tapestry of Ohio's economic reawakening."

About Refresh:

Refresh, rooted in Cleveland and Akron, is a pioneer in home services, offering specialized "make ready" solutions for large property management enterprises. With an innovative approach that blends state-of-the-art processes, proprietary software, and a deep commitment to Ohio's communities, Refresh plays a vital role in these cities' ongoing revitalization. Key achievements include expanded service offerings, revolutionary turnover software, and a forthcoming franchise model that promises to further amplify its impact across the country. Dive deeper into Refresh's vision at www.refreshcompanies.com and www.refreshfranchising.com.

About Inc.:

Inc. Business Media is the paramount multimedia beacon for innovators and entrepreneurs. With content that reaches over 50 million individuals, Inc. spotlights the risk-takers crafting our future. The Inc. 5000 list, running since 1982, ranks the U.S.'s fastest-growing private firms, providing an elite network and enhanced business credibility. Discover more at www.inc.com.

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