Ohio MBA Program Outshines Competition With 10 Years Of Online Excellence

Ashland University

​Ashland University's Online MBA programs celebrate 10 years of world-class online education. With 42 years of MBA excellence, the University reflects on its growth and innovation in online education from 2010 to today. 

In 2010. Ashland University began offering online classes to only a handful of MBA students; now in 2020, they are projected to graduate 115 online MBA students. Though they once offered only one program, Ashland now offers 11+ specializations with a variety of flexible pacing options including two one-year completion options. "Providing our MBA students with unparalleled experiences that allow them to succeed beyond their education is our main goal at Ashland. Our MBA program is one-of-a-kind and prepares students for real-life business challenges and creates opportunities to become a leader in any organization and increase their earning potential," said Dr. Elad Granot, the dean of the College of Business & Economics at Ashland University. 

Amid the impact of COVID-19, Ashland ensured opportunities would remain available to students and their 5,000+ MBA alumni. To do this, they reformatted programs to fit the virtual environment many Americans found themselves in. Additionally, they made innovation a top priority by creating a virtual study tour that provides students with unparalleled global business exposure and networking opportunities.

Throughout the challenges, Ashland's core values remained and provided students with benefits beyond the education requirements of an MBA program. Ashland became the first University in Ohio to partner with DoorDash to provide MBA students with free meals and deliveries throughout their program.

Ashland University's MBA programs continue to outperform other universities. Ashland has seen over a 50% increase in MBA interest over the last three months and is on pace to enroll more students in their January 2021 Spring class than ever before. Dr. Granot shares, "The MBA remains a highly sought after degree option for many executive positions. Graduates from our program have gone on to become CEO's and COO's of a variety of Fortune-500 companies." 

Over the past year, Ashland University has received countless #1 online program rankings in the state and globally from U.S. News, CEO Magazine, and more. View a full list of Ashland University’s rankings here.

Ashland University's College of Business and Economics strives to show prospective students how even amid the pandemic, now is the time to pursue an MBA. They stress the fact that businesses will need professionals during the economic rebound, and as MBA graduates, students will have received the proper education necessary to become drivers of change to a new digitized world. 


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Source: Ashland University