Oglesby World Wide Ventures Offers Recommendations on Outdoor Adventure

Site offers access to deals and tips on outdoor products

A new site, Oglesby World Wide Ventures, is dedicated to helping people who love the outdoors find tips and deals on products and services that will help them on their next adventure.

The site, which just launched, will include links to great deals on products that outdoor adventurers will find useful, as well as recommendations about places to travel and what gear is needed. It also will include information designed to help people learn skills that they’ll need when camping, hunting or hiking.

"I know there are many people who, like me, have a passion for the outdoors. I want to give my tips to make their next outdoor adventure the best it can be."

Bill Oglesby, Owner

The site already has the first how-to post up—a look at the proper way to split logs for campfires.

“You may think chopping wood just takes a sturdy ax and a good swing,” Oglesby wrote. “Contrary to popular belief, a lot more calculation and effort goes into splitting wood for your campfire.”

The post looks at the equipment needed and proper technique to safely and effectively split logs.

Another post type that Oglesby said will be regularly posted is recommendations about adventure and vacation destinations. One recent post covers the best ski resorts in the United States.

“The winter months are known for many things — the holidays, the beautiful lights, and, in most of the world, the snow,” he wrote. For those who ski, a fresh blanket of snow is a wish come true. Some places are better than others for skiing, however, so check out the best ski resorts in the U.S.”

More information is available at http://oglesbyworldwideventures.com