O'Gara Armoring Announce Partnership With Jaguar Land Rover Limited With the Reveal of Discovery Armor Ready Chassis

Today, O’Gara Armoring (O’Gara) announced its recent partnership with Jaguar Land Rover Limited by revealing the “Discovery Armor Ready Chassis” at the annual Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Meeting.

The collaboration facilitates a strategic global expansion of the Jaguar Land Rover armored portfolio by accessing the North American market with O’Gara. As part of the Authorized Armor Program, Jaguar Land Rover developed the “Discovery Armor Ready Chassis.” This unique offering boasts an upgraded suspension and powertrain to support the armor payload with a maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) exceeding 9,000 pounds. O’Gara offers the armored Discovery in several different protection levels. The collaboration allows the vehicle to retain its full worldwide factory warranty. The platform is not available on the retail market and is only available to North American government agencies through O’Gara.

Located in Fairfield, Ohio, O’Gara designs, fabricates, and integrates armored products to meet various protection requirements on military and commercial platforms. The company traces its lineage to coachbuilders from the 1870s. It transitioned to armored vehicles in the 1950s, starting with President Truman’s limo.

If you require further information, please contact Ritchie Allen at ritchie.allen@ogaragroup.com; 513-881-9800 or www.ogaraarmoring.com.

Source: O'Gara Armoring

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