Official Website Launch of

After two years of planning and development, is officially launched

Chronicous today announced the official launch of its website

Chronicous is a collection of several short and person stories posted by people from all over the world.

The stories are short and therefore normally take less than two minutes to read. They are personal because they are experienced by the authors themselves. The stories are therefore often raw, funny, strange, sad, inspirational, provocative or otherwise entertaining. Anyone with access to the website can read any story that has been posted.

Chrocicous performed a limited pre-launch test over 6 weeks and attracted more than 50 stories and thousands of visitors. The aim of Chronicous is to become a collection of tens of thousands of short and entertaining personal stories, and to be the go-to place for anyone who wants to read short and personal entertainment.

Chronicous was very well received in the pre-launch test phase, and a large number of the people the website was introduced to have already become regular readers. On one side, many people have a desire to share interesting happenings from their personal lives with the world, and on the other side, many people are intrigued and curious to read about particular events in other people's personal lives. The initial feedback from this pre-launch indicates that there is demand for a website like Chronicous where people can come together and share personal experiences.”

“The idea behind Chronicous was for people to get together and share interesting personal experiences, for people to give other people a laugh, to make them think or to give them a glimpse of their lives,” said the founder of Chronicous.

About Chronicous

Chronicous is a website where users can share short and personal stories from their lives. The stories can be up to 10,000 characters in length, and the user can add a picture or video to the story. The stories can be read by any user who accesses the site, and the stories are meant to serve as entertainment for the readers. Chronicous is the medium that connects people that want to share their short, personal stories with those who want to read the short, personal stories of others.


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