Off the Lane Announces New BOOST Career Guidance Program

Program to Guide Young New York City-Based Creatives in Early Career Development

BOOST Program

Off the Lane announced its newest program, BOOST, which stands for Building Occupational Objectives & Skills Together. The program is designed for early-career artists (18+) within their first three years of living in NYC, looking to advance their careers. The program curriculum works to develop concrete, attainable, and sustainable practices for young artists to reach specific career objectives. Through individual and group sessions, BOOST provides resources with accompanying insight from experts.

BOOST is the third program to be launched from Off The Lane under the guidance of President, Kristal Mallookis, in the past year. Different from the other programs currently available from the non-profit, BOOST applicants must be artists living in New York City for between one to three years and actively pursuing a career in the creative arts.

BOOST Program Co-Chair, Ayana Bey says, “It is my hope to inspire and guide young artists to reach their career goals to the fullest and instill in them the importance of living a full life while pursuing the arts.” A sentiment echoed by Program Co-Chair, Jillian Vitko, “After your first bit of time in New York, it's very easy for artists to lose sight of their goals and get a little lost. We can help fix that."

To apply to the free BOOST program and for more information, visit and follow @offthelane on Instagram.

About Off The Lane: Off The Lane is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The goal of the organization is to enrich and engage their creative community through continued education, outreach, and special projects. From a fast-growing nationwide Mentorship Program and Monthly Speaker Series to their newest program BOOST, Off The Lane aims to be a resource for artists and a champion for those pursuing their dreams.

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