Odon Safe Inc. Announces Release of the illumiSAFE, the World's Most Advanced Personal Safe, and Kickstarter Campaign

illumiSAFE with wood lamp body

Odon Inc. announced today the release of the illumiSAFE, the world’s most technologically advanced personal safe. The illumiSAFE is a smart lamp that conceals a fully secure and configurable inner compartment. Activated by either a smart phone or an RFID key, the inner compartment of the illumiSAFE extends upward from the lamp base, allowing secure access to an individual’s stored valuables or sensitive items. The illumiSAFE will be made available for pre-order immediately on Kickstarter to early backers.

The beautiful yet simple design of the illumiSAFE enables the safe to be discreetly included among everyday home decor. Burt Skiba, Odon co-founder and CEO, recounts, “We wanted a convenient way to access important items like our firearms and medication without compromising our children’s safety. However, it had to be compatible with our modern, connected lifestyles. Most importantly, it had to be something our spouses would let us keep bedside!”

The illumiSAFE was created to replace the outdated technology of traditional keypad or lock-and-key safes. Safe technology has remained mostly unchanged with only minor developments in the locking mechanisms and has yet to incorporate any of the advances of home automation movement. Moreover, because the visual design of the safe hasn't changed,  most safe owners keep them in the closet - making them generally inaccessible and inconvenient for everyday use.

In its first product ever, Odon has incorporated various home automation technologies to bring the safe off the closet shelf and into the 21st century. The illumiSAFE includes wireless and off-site connectivity, which allow remote open/close ability in addition to tamper alert and use notifications. Other technologies include sensors that enable an auto-shut feature to ensure sensitive items are never inadvertently left in the open, a built in back-up battery pack in the event of a power outage, and an RFID key for quick access when using a smart phone isn't possible or timely enough. Most importantly, the illumiSAFE’s lamp integration design allows the safe to become more accessible by becoming a part of everyday home decor.

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Burt Skiba, CEO

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