Oden Technologies Launches Process AI to Empower Operators

Process AI

Manufacturing analytics leader Oden Technologies proudly announces the debut of Process AI, a game-changing solution set to transform operator productivity through prescriptive process setting recommendations. This new offering helps manufacturers overcome dependence on institutional knowledge to achieve highly productive runs in a high variability environment.  

Process AI provides operators live process-setting guidance for decreasing material or energy costs, or increasing speed, while maintaining quality spec for every run and respecting company-defined tolerances and current operating constraints. The interface allows operators to easily compare recommendations against the current process settings, and provides them a live estimate of the value (e.g., cost savings) to incentivize action. Recommendations are automatically generated from past data, eliminating the need for continuous input from time-constrained experts like data scientists and analysts. This alleviates a significant bottleneck in using data to drive productivity. An early customer of Process AI experienced a five percent improvement in related costs, and was able to increase line speed by three percent within a six-month pilot, which will lead to more than 10X ROI.

The recommendations are provided from the identification of historical stable segments within a selected product and line combination that match the current constraints, company-set parameters, and predicted quality specifications. This is possible because of the powerful Oden data architecture and years of experience applying artificial intelligence and machine learning in a manufacturing setting. 

"Oden has been at the forefront of bringing digital analytics to analogue factories around the world, enabling factory owners to enhance performance," said Willem Sundblad, CEO and co-founder at Oden Technologies. "With this industry-first AI product specifically designed for factory operators, we are augmenting and supercharging an already stretched workforce, resulting in better working conditions and ultimately better factory performance."


Workforce hiring and retention continues to challenge all manufacturers. Within that, operators are particularly susceptible to turnover. Manufacturers need to make sure that operators understand what to do to succeed in their roles from day one on the line to achieve productivity and encourage retention. However, with five million data points generated per line per day, a high amount of variability in products and materials, and a reliance on implicit or intangible knowledge, it's impossible for new operators to be productive and understand how to make an impact.


Process AI empowers operators to achieve optimal cost-effectiveness or line speeds from their first day on the floor, all while maintaining uncompromising adherence to quality specifications through in-line predictive quality. By harnessing a rich repository of historical data, a robust turnkey data architecture tailored for manufacturers, and state-of-the-art machine learning, Process AI provides operators with impactful, real-time recommendations that drive actionable improvements.

The manufacturing industry is experiencing increasing pressures to empower staff, improve efficiencies, and innovate. Oden Technologies remains at the forefront of using data to drive change, providing solutions that enable manufacturers to thrive in an increasingly complicated and competitive environment. With its latest software launch, the company solidifies its position as a trusted partner in driving operational excellence and propelling the industry forward.

For more information about Oden Technologies and its new offering, please visit oden.io/process-ai

About Oden Technologies

Oden Technologies is a manufacturing analytics company that provides solutions that give all teams frictionless plant-floor insights and artificial intelligence without complex data querying and management. A real-time, adaptable, and innovative data infrastructure that uniquely merges, cleans, and enriches all production data sources automatically provides the unshakeable foundation for turnkey, actionable, and highly adopted solutions. Learn more about us at oden.io.

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About Oden Technologies Inc.

Oden Technologies is a manufacturing analytics company that focuses on giving teams frictionless plant floor insights and artificial intelligence without complex data querying and management.

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