ezHealthMart's Obamacare Florida Help Centers Help People Beat Obamacare Deadline for 2017 with New Software

Obama Care Florida Help Centers are assisting people throughout Florida. Over 25 locations with multiple Licensed Agents ready to help.

With the December 15th insurance deadline approaching, ezHealthMart's Obamacare Florida Help Centers are helping people beat the deadline and avoid the penalty.  They are doing this fast, efficiently and in big numbers with the new system they’re using to enroll. The deadline is near, and for customers that want their coverage active on January 1st of 2017, this would be the last day to enroll (Click for more information on the Obamacare Deadline).

Hundreds of people have piled through the doors of ezHealthMart’s enrollment centers in Florida and found themselves getting in and out with their plans in just 5-10 minutes. "Quick and easy", one client said after ezHealthMart uploaded their documents successfully through their new system that avoids the hassle of uploading directly to Healthcare.gov.

ezHealthMart has over 400 state-licensed professional agents spread in 25 different locations throughout Florida. They also have Obamacare agents that speak multiple languages, and help navigate any client through the difficult application in minutes. ezHealthMart uploads any documentation the Marketplace may need, and also help them make their first payment if necessary. The ezHealthMart motto is "Quality combined with Efficiency", leaving all of their customers with a quick and easy Obamacare Sign Up.

Here is some helpful information for applicants who were enrolled through the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2016 and used premium tax credits to lower their monthly payments. Applicants must file a federal income tax return for 2016 – the premium tax credit is sometimes called a “subsidy,” “discount,” or “savings” – if they had health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace or another source in 2016, they may have to include information about it when they file their federal taxes.

If they didn’t have coverage, they may have to pay a fee. If they were enrolled in a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2016 and used premium tax credits to lower their monthly payments, they must file a federal income tax return for 2016 — even if they usually don’t file, or their income is below the level requiring them to file. (The premium tax credit is sometimes called a “subsidy,” “discount,” or “savings.”)

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