Oak Steel Supply-Emergency Action Taken to Stabilize a Manufacturing Facility

Oak Steel Supply’s manufacturing facility wanted to add a precast concrete pit but suffered a cave-in during excavation due to a failed stabilization attempt. Working alongside Larson Engineering, Inc., Ram Jack Illinois successfully underpinned the concrete walls and provided a reliable foundation for the to-be-added structure.

With a stabilization gone awry in the past, Oak Steel Supply was at a loss. Their manufacturing facility needed the addition of a precast concrete pit, but column support was undermined due to an excavation cave-in. Thus, Ram Jack Illinois expertise in underpinning was called in to assess the situation.

Teaming up with Larson Engineering, Inc., Ram Jack first shored the failing column and assisted in draining out the water. Then, Ram Jack installed helical tiebacks and a wide flange beam, which was set up to distribute weight to eight driven steel piles beneath it. All of this was done at 5'-0 stages and each stage it was reinforced and secured with tiebacks and driven steel piles.

In the end, the precast pit was successfully installed thanks to the strong support provided by Ram Jack’s steel products and proven methods. This complicated project has proven to be overcome by Ram Jack's expertise and adaptability.

Source: Ram Jack


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