NZ Cherry Corp Partners With Techrock to Serve the China Market

New Zealand Cherry Corp. partners with Techrock

New Zealand Cherry Corp. announces the launch of a new partnership with Techrock, part of the Tael ecosystem, to protect fresh cherries as they travel from the pack-house and orchards in Cromwell, in the South Island of New Zealand, to consumers in the China market.

Techrock is a ‘safe product’ ecommerce channel for Chinese consumers. NZ Cherry Corp. will employ the unique anti-counterfeiting technology used on Techrock, and throughout the Tael ecosystem, to protect Chinese customers. Once prepared and packed, their cherries will be protected by Tael’s high-tech labels and blockchain ledger technology. NFC labels will be applied to the cherry cartons at the NZ Cherry Corp. pack-house in Cromwell, Central Otago.

This technology provides consumers in China with verifiable proof that they are not dealing with fraudulent products. Techrock enables Chinese consumers to ‘tap’ the NFC label on the packaging with their smartphone to view information about the product’s journey through the supply chain.

For fresh ‘cold-chain’ products (meaning they are refrigerated at 0-2C through to the consumer) such as NZ Cherry Corp. cherries, supply chain visibility is even more important. Customers are now able to see how long it has been since the cherries left the pack-house and that they have not been tampered with along the way.

For every action made in the Tael ecosystem - purchases, verifications, referrals of new customers and more - consumers are rewarded with loyalty point tokens that they can use to subsidise future purchases. This helps to promote repeat purchasing.

​After a large expansion this year and doubling their orchard size, optimism is high for NZ Cherry Corp.’s 2019/20 season thanks to favourable growing conditions this year and strong demand growth in key markets such as China.

About NZ Cherry Corp: With a long history as a cherry grower in Central Otago, New Zealand Cherry Corp. is about more than just growing premium quality cherries. We aim to grow our community and business through a world-class operation that takes cherries to a global export market. We are a vertically integrated operation that combines impeccable planning, modern growing methods and state of the art technology. Our high-tech grading and packing plant ensures a minimum of fruit handling. Constant quality control from orchard to market means only the best cherries are selected for our customers. Our sophisticated systems and processes ensure our fruit gets to market in the best possible condition. Through marketing intelligence, expertise and sustained relationship building, New Zealand Cherry Corp. is a trusted brand in high demand in global markets.

About Techrock: Techrock is a ‘protected products’ ecommerce marketplace which is part of the Tael ecosystem. All products in the Tael ecosystem are secured by high-tech NFC labels and blockchain ledger technology to protect consumers and give them the ability to verify authenticity themselves using only their smartphone.

Techrock Media Contact:
Wouter de Hoogd

Source: New Zealand Cherry Corp.


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