NYYEA Holds Final Rally for Tom Suozzi

John JD Liu, Tom Suozzi and Diana Reyna with volunteers and supporters

The New York Young Elite Association (NYYEA) hosted a charitable and get-out-the-vote event on June 26 in Corona, Queens, giving away personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and disinfecting wipes. The event was also one of many in the past month that coincided with the group's efforts lobbying for US Congressman Tom Suozzi for his bid for the New York governorship in November. This would be the final election rally the organization would hold for Suozzi before Primary Day on June 28.

A separate get-out-the-vote event was held the day before, in Flushing, Queens. A larger rally was held on June 18, at the Queens Library at Flushing. Many Chinese community leaders and groups, along with Suozzi, were among the attendees.  The crowd's chant and the sound of the Chinese drums reverberated many blocks away. Suozzi was also a guest on Wei Wei Talk at the rally, hosted by Chinese journalist Wei Wei Gao on her channel MGM. 

Suozzi and his running mate for Lieutenant Governor Diana Reyna, along with volunteers, passed out flyers and PPEs while taking photos with supporters.

Suozzi, a Long Island native who had also previously served as the county executive of Nassau County, New York, had been campaigning vigorously since his announcement of his bid for governorship last November. The NYYEA has been vocal of their support for Suozzi -- as evident from the numerous fundraising events and rallies they have since hosted for the congressman. The organization, which is comprised of members from the local Chinese community, believes Suozzi's success as governor would benefit the overall interest of not only the Chinese residents but the broader community as whole.

The recent uptick in crimes against the Asian community has also been a priority issue of the NYYEA, which coincides with Suozzi's stance on improving public safety. 

NYYEA President John JD Liu said recently that he and the NYYEA believe in many of Suozzi's ideas, such as fixing the controversial bail reform laws that have been plaguing the city and often viewed as being soft on crime, as well as a stricter gun control. 

Incumbent governor Kathy Hochul had also been riddled in controversy lately since Suozzi had brought it to attention that she had received an endorsement from the National Rifle Association (NRA) in 2011. 

Liu also said the rallies are an opportunity for young people to understand the importance of democracy and freedom, which include aspects such as voting rights and women's rights. 


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