NYC Startup Job Fair Opens Up Registration to Startup Exhibitors and Job Seekers

The Startup Job Fair is now accepting registrations to the NYC Startup Job Fair on April 8th in the IAC Building in Manhattan. Registration is open to both hiring startups who want to exhibit, and job seekers. Both registrations are found on or on the Startup Job Fair Facebook page. For general questions, refer to the or

​​The Startup Job Fair announced its NYC Startup Job Fair Spring event on Friday, April 8th in the IAC Building in lower Manhattan. The event runs from 12:00-2:00PM for developers only and 2:00-5:00PM for all job seekers. Registration is mandatory in advance for both exhibiting startups and job seekers, and both can register on There are also volunteer opportunities to get closer networking access to the top startups in the business through service.
Since 2009, the Startup Job Fair has been running successfully for years providing NYC startups and job seekers a way to connect physically and solidify strong hires quickly. This year, the IAC Building will limit startup exhibitor capacity to just around 80 startups, and those spots are likely to fill up way before the event date, with a waiting list of startups lining up to set up a booth. Job seekers are expected in the thousands. Historically, the event brings more than 2,000 developers and non-developers looking for jobs by speaking to hiring managers in person.
While the NYC Startup Job Fair is the first event and the cornerstone of the company's reputation, StartupJobFair runs other events across North America, in Boston (April 5th), Toronto (April 28th), San Francisco (Fall 2016), and Chicago (April 21st). It is also planning on opening up new markets and partnerships in more cities. More information about other cities is detailed on

###For more information, contact Imri Yekutiel at 646-685-4295 or