NYC Plastic Surgeon Comments on Non-Surgical Alternatives for Contouring Shape and Size of the Physique

Dr. Ran Rubinstein Says Body Contouring Treatments Reduce Fat, Build Muscle, and Tighten Skin Without Surgery and Minimal to No Downtime

New advancements in body contouring technology are revolutionizing the way adults contour the shape, size, and overall appearance of their bodies. Innovative technology can now reduce fat, enhance muscle, and tighten skin without surgery and minimal downtime. NY facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ran Rubinstein, of Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists, explains why his patients are interested in non-surgical body contouring treatments.

"A decade ago, adults wanting to contour their body composition were limited to surgical interventions like liposuction, a tummy tuck, a facelift, or butt lift," explains Dr. Rubinstein. Surgical procedures are still the gold standard for addressing severe skin laxity or more extensive fat deposits. However, non-invasive alternatives are popular among adults who want to moderately alter their appearance without surgery or downtime.

Take CoolSculpting, the famous fat reduction treatment. "CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells by exposing them to freezing temperatures," explains Dr. Rubinstein. He continues, "CoolSculpting can reduce 25% of fat cells from a target area after one treatment. It is a great, non-surgical alternative to liposuction for reducing isolated bulges that resist diet and exercise, like belly fat or love handles."

Fat is only one component of body composition. Muscle constitutes 35% to 45% of our body's overall shape and size. "For patients looking to sculpt their physique, I recommend Emsculpt," says Rubinstein. The new body contouring treatment utilizes HIFEM energy to induce 20,000 muscle contractions in a single, 30-minute treatment. With Emsculpt, "Patients can strengthen their core, chisel their abs, sculpt their biceps and triceps, and tone their thighs. Emsculpt also provides a non-surgical alternative to a butt lift by firming and lifting the glutes," says Dr. Rubinstein.

There are even non-surgical alternatives for addressing skin laxity. Treatments such as Thermage or Exilis use radiofrequency to heat the subdermal tissues of the skin. This triggers a healing response within the body, resulting in the production of more collagen and tissue remodeling. "Non-invasive skin tightening can replace the need for a facelift when addressing moderate skin laxity around the brows, face, and jowls," explains Dr. Rubinstein.

"Some patients rejuvenate their entire physique by reducing fat, building muscle, and tightening skin, all with non-surgical therapies," says Dr. Rubinstein. They may even top off their physical transformation with a skin treatment or facial. "The HydraFacial is a relaxing skin treatment that leaves patients with a radiant complexion." Many patients "come in for a HydraFacial before a big event because they know the treatment will rejuvenate their skin and leave it glowing," says Rubinstein.

People living in the Hudson Valley, are welcome to visit Dr. Rubinstein​ to learn more about non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery. Schedule a consultation by visiting the website or call 845-863-1772.

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