NYC Mayoral Candidate Mike Tolkin Announces 'Smart Cities' Platform

Tolkin's 'Smart Cities' proposes radical transformation of government and capitalism with an approach based on 'progressive pragmatism.'

Mike Tolkin, Democratic Candidate for Mayor of NYC

Mike Tolkin, Democratic candidate for Mayor of New York City, today announced his "Smart Cities" platform: "A radical reimagining and restructuring of city government," Tolkin says, "that will better address the needs and challenges of cities in the 21st century."

The campaign released an introductory video highlighting some of the key components of the platform, which it says will include:

  • smarter governance using private-sector best practices and upgraded tools, data systems and technology
  • smarter investments in high-growth industries to create new job opportunities
  • smarter health programs that reduce costs through preventative care
  • smarter infrastructure like redesigned subways and new modes of mass transit
  • smarter city services like street cleaning that uses new garbage collection equipment
  • smarter education that prepares children for the future job marketplace

The "Smart Cities" platform champions an approach of "progressive pragmatism." The campaign calls the platform "a comprehensive set of common-sense initiatives to create a fairer form of capitalism and make New York City a safer, more affordable, and more enjoyable place for all New Yorkers."

"Our movement is apolitical. It's not about going left or right. It's about leading everyone forward," said Tolkin. "With the rapid pace of modern innovation, there's one thing we know for certain: tomorrow will be different from today. It's about time we start planning for, and investing in, our future."

Source: Mike Tolkin For Mayor


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Mike Tolkin is a Democratic candidate for Mayor of NYC. His "Smart Cities" platform, built upon the principles of open innovation, and with an approach based on "progressive pragmatism," proposes a radical transformation of government and capitalism.

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