NX Training Classes Added to Swoosh Technologies' Educational Services Schedule

Swoosh Technologies recently announced their NX training class schedule for companies looking to expand their knowledge in the program tool.

Swoosh Technologies - a Siemens PLM Software partner - recently added a variety of NX training classes in select cities, including: St. Louis, Missouri; Kansas City, Missouri; Columbus, Ohio; Houston, Texas; and Dallas, Texas. As a leader in providing the best educational services, the company is excited to offer NX 10 classes beginning January 2016.

With experienced instructors who bring a unique approach to teaching, Swoosh Technologies' Educational Services is focused on helping students easily adapt to utilizing high-end features found in NX CAD and NX CAM software. The company has an established legacy of helping customers further understand and expand their skills set in NX while obtaining results that are designed to keep companies ahead of their competition.

"We want each student who steps foot into our training class to ​not only understand the basics and fundamentals of NX but to also make the way they design or manage their processes an easier, simpler task," explains Dan Wibbenmeyer - Managing Partner of Swoosh Technologies.

Courses are continuously reviewed by Swoosh's certified instructors and courseware team in order to improve the process of knowledge transfer. "We take our courses and the way we teach them seriously and avoid the ideals of traditional classroom training for PLM - a bunch of tips and menu picks. It's a dated approach and omits so much of the practical applications of PLM. Because of this, students can't benefit from the capabilities of high-end PLM tools in NX." The company's educational services are developed to teach users of all skill levels on increasing productivity and efficiency.

Interested companies are encouraged to view and enroll in an NX classroom training session through the Classroom Schedule. To obtain more information about other training options, a Swoosh Sales Representative can be contacted at (314) 549-8110.

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