Nuvera's 'The PURE Report' Announces the Best-in-Class Pharmaceutical Support Programs for 2021 in Neurology and Oncology

Best Pharma Support Program Neurology & Oncology 2021

Nuvera Life Science Consulting, an expert advisor on patient-centric experiences for specialty therapeutics, has announced the best-in-class pharma patient support programs in Neurology and Oncology for 2021. This is the third installment of Nuvera's groundbreaking PURE Report series — the industry's first independent, standardized assessment of healthcare provider (HCP) satisfaction with patient support programs.

The PURE Report uses a unique blend of variables to holistically evaluate support programs based on HCP responses. This proprietary algorithm determines the best-in-class programs based on aided and unaided inputs from about 500 MDs and support staff from each therapeutic area.

The PURE Report: 2021 Neurology awarded Biogen as having the best-in-class program in Neurology, which was announced at Informa's Patient Support Services Congress on June 15, 2021. Biogen's success with the physicians gave them a distinct edge against competitors, though they did perform well among support staff as well.

For the PURE Report: 2021 Oncology, Pfizer was singled out as having the best-in-class program in Oncology. Pfizer's success comes as a result of recent popularity amongst practices' support staff, giving them the win in the highly competitive oncology marketplace.

The PURE Report's comprehensive analysis consists of two separate parts: a syndicated research report that interprets data on HCP perceptions of various program interactions, their service expectations, and their preferred manufacturer programs; and a company-specific report, which analyzes manufacturer rankings across the seven PURE indices, with a spotlight on individual companies.

"This is the third year we are running this research; we've collected almost 3,000 responses to date, which is a wealth of benchmarking data," said Nuvera's Jens Kulstad, who spearheaded the research. "The PURE Report: Neurology 2021 and Oncology 2021 allows us to comprehensively compare company performance and award a best-in-class company. We can also compare results against previous years and see how they are changing over time."

The PURE Report: Neurology 2021 and Oncology 2021 is soon available for industry. Nuvera will present highlights from the research at upcoming conferences. For additional information, please see or

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