NutriAg and Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition Expand Offerings

Agreement brings new technologies and improved distribution to key agricultural retailers

NutriAg Ltd. and Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition, a division of Compass Minerals, have teamed up to offer Compass Minerals fertilizer products through NutriAg distribution channels across Canada. Beginning today, NutriAg will exclusively market and sell Wolf Trax™ and ProAcqua® products throughout the region and Protassium+® in Western Canada.

Though the exclusive supply agreement marks NutriAg’s first distribution relationship, Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition products are not new to Canada. Acquired by Compass Minerals in 2014, Wolf Trax was a Canadian-based micronutrients company. This agreement allows NutriAg to expand Wolf Trax sales to many retailers already familiar with its product benefits. Retailers will also have access to ProAcqua, a next-generation water soluble plant nutrition, uniquely formulated with high-quality ingredients and proprietary adjuvant blends, and Protassium+, the only sulfate of potash produced in North America. Protassium+ delivers high potassium and sulfate sulfur with virtually no chloride and low salt index.

This collaboration with Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition allows us to provide growers with an even broader portfolio of unique solutions at a much quicker pace.

Martin Bloomberg, President

Both companies remain focused on advancing research and development to improve crop viability. NutriAg develops innovative crop solutions including a wide range of plant nutrients, spray adjuvants, inoculants and fungicides – and is committed to supplying distributors worldwide with cutting-edge, high-quality agricultural products.

“At NutriAg, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to overcome the many agronomic challenges faced in the field. This collaboration with Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition allows us to provide growers with an even broader portfolio of unique solutions at a much quicker pace,” said Martin Bloomberg, president of NutriAg.

Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition, which develops and manufactures a diverse and global portfolio of essential plant nutrition solutions designed for efficiency, views the agreement with NutriAg as more than just a geographic expansion of its products.

“Our partnership with NutriAg not only enhances our access to one of the most important agricultural markets in North America, it aligns us with a like-minded company,” said Brad Griffith, senior vice president, Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition. “We are both dedicated to creating industry-leading research and development capabilities centered on consistent and sustainable plant health – key attributes required to deliver effective nutritional solutions to our retail and farmer customers.”  

Compass Minerals’ Protassium+ products will be sold in Yukon, Northwest Territory, Nunavut, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. ProAcqua and Wolf Trax products will be sold in all 10 Canadian provinces.

About NutriAg

NutriAg is a crop-technology company dedicated to providing safe, plant-specific crop solutions. These include nutrients, spray adjuvants, biofertilizers, biopesticides, soil and seed inoculants and water conditioners. These products are based on a 55-year history of success in creating efficient, compatible agricultural products for higher performance in the field. We are committed to combining our knowledge of plant physiology and chemistry to ensure our technology “does what it says it’s going to do” in an environmentally responsible way. More information at

About Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition

Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition, a business division of Compass Minerals, develops and manufactures a diverse and global portfolio of essential plant nutrition solutions. The company mines, manufactures and formulates the highest-quality ingredients to maximize plant health and performance — above and below ground. Through extensive research and development, it delivers products to tackle adverse conditions so that the result is healthier, higher-quality plants and yields across every acre.

Compass Minerals is a leading provider of essential minerals that solve nature’s challenges, including salt for winter roadway safety and other consumer, industrial and agricultural uses, and specialty plant nutrition minerals that improve the quality and yield of crops. Based in Overland Park, the company produces its minerals at locations throughout the U.S., Canada, Brazil and the U.K., operating 22 production facilities and employing more than 3,000 personnel worldwide. Compass Minerals’ mission is to be the best essential minerals company by safely delivering where and when it matters.

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