Nutralabs Launch An ABS/PLA Desktop Filament Extruder for Use with 3D Printers!

This extruder has been developed to reduce the price of 3D printing in the home and could save up to 70% on replacement filament costs.

As the 3D printing revolution continues to gather pace, some people are calling it the "second industrial revolution" and a potentially "disruptive technology" that can pose a serious challenge to manufacturing industries globally.

3D printing represents the cutting edge of consumer available D.I.Y. technology, with a relatively small knowledge of electronics and hardware necessary. This technology allows you to prototype any design and could spark a revolution that will shake the manufacturing industry to the core. 3D printing, or "additive manufacturing" as it is more properly known, is about to transform every single aspect of our lives.

One of the problems with these 3D printers is that they require readymade extruded plastic filament, which costs about £28 per kg (shipped on a spool). This is expensive, between 5-8 times the cost of the raw resin pellets used in it's manufacture. But now there is a way for people to produce their own filament at home or work and in turn saving themselves an awful lot of money.

Nutralabs, a British based technology company, have just launched a cost effective ABS/PLA desktop filament extruder. This machine will allow you to create your own low-cost, high quality filament at home or your office. It can produce a KG of filament (enough to print about 40 iPad cases) in just 16 hours, right from your desktop. You can also use a wide range of plastics, ABS, PLA or even recycled to make low-cost, high-quality filament.

Unlike other products on the market this extruder comes with two of the standard dies used in 3D printing, 1.75/3mm, it's fully assembled which allows you to start extruding straight from the box. Nutralabs are also offering a 12 month return to base warranty.

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