NuSTREEM Innovation Increases Efficiency and ROI at Hydropower Site

New limited offer available for project owners to demonstrate technology

NuSTREEM Controller

Continuing to innovate and refine the approach toward automation of controls for dual regulated turbines, leading hydroelectric equipment manufacturer NuSTREEM is offering hydropower project owners the opportunity to demonstrate its advanced NuTECH Controller for free.

The NuTECH Controller upgrades the performance of dual regulated turbines by using transformative technology proven to significantly increase efficiency. The NuTECH Controller relies on a new to industry control algorithm that optimizes performance, efficiency and reliability. The technology is easily installed and integrated with existing turbines and control systems. It also can be used in conjunction with NuSTREEM's NuTURBINE design.

"Our innovation is exciting because it enhances the system by maximizing performance and improving water use efficiency, resulting in a better economic bottom line for projects," NuSTREEM General Manager, Juliann Blanford said. "Our NuTECH Controller puts intelligence behind decisions about how to move water through a turbine and is demonstrably superior to other methods, such as cam curve-based optimization."

Demonstrating the Technology

NuSTREEM established the value of the controller through simulation and empirical testing with both demonstrating significant improvements over existing methods. The results were released in the NuTECH Controller case study, available on the NuSTREEM website.

When operating with the NuTECH Controller, the turbine achieved efficiency gains throughout the operating range, with the most statistically significant improvements at low flow.

"As it modernizes, the hydro industry is evaluating new approaches to recapture energy lost through inefficiency, squeezing out every last bit of available generation," Blanford added. "Our NuTECH Controller boosts the performance of existing systems, while integrating seamlessly, as a result of our proven new approach. The NuTECH Controller provides efficiency improvements for all turbines -- from the smallest to the largest."

An Optimization Upgrade Offer to Existing Control System

The NuTECH Controller is an optimization upgrade working with existing turbines as a control system add-on. It interfaces via multiple standard communication protocols with existing facility controls. 

NuSTREEM provides expert support to site operators and engineers making the set-up and integration low risk. The Controller is designed to reduce installation effort by minimizing the extent of modifications to the facility PLC. NuSTREEM's approach is to provide additional performance while also addressing and prioritizing the site owners' concerns. For example, the NuTECH Controller can make continuous program adjustments at an interval directed by the site operator to minimize the risk of overuse of the actuation hardware.

NuSTREEM recently launched a partnership program for the NuTECH Controller. The company is offering hydropower project owners the opportunity to demonstrate its advanced Controller technology in exchange for data documenting efficiency improvements achieved. Visit the NuSTREEM website to learn how existing hydropower projects can acquire the NuTECH Controller for free.


MANSFIELD CENTER, CT - NuSTREEM produces modular, standard, and data driven hydropower equipment. NuSTREEM's products are based on innovations that significantly improve the performance of hydropower turbines used throughout the world. With thousands of hours of run time on multiple units, NuSTREEM has a proven design to meet the demands for modular and intelligent hydro equipment. By applying contemporary technology and design to hydropower systems, NuSTREEM has created a highly efficient controller package. Visit or follow @NuSTREEM on social media for more information.

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Source: NuStreem