Nurseio Quickly Becoming One of the Industry's Most Widely Used Per Diem Staffing Platforms

The company has seen rapid growth and will be expanding into additional U.S. markets in 2023

Per Diem Staffing Platforms

From its humble beginnings as a start-up, the Nurseio digital staffing platform has grown rapidly into a widely used solution for staffing per diem healthcare roles across the U.S.

The Nurseio platform was developed to provide healthcare professionals - including nurses, technicians, caregivers, and nursing assistants - with a convenient way to find and book shifts in their specialties. It has also served as a key alternative to traditional staffing agencies for healthcare facilities, many of which prefer the flexibility that comes with using a web-based app for filling PRN shifts with qualified workers.

Nurseio's app can be used in a browser or on a smartphone via IOS or Android. In addition to convenience, the platform's growth can be attributed in part to a need for such technology. For example, Nurseio makes it easier for facilities and professionals to post and fill shifts on demand, in turn, lending significant support to an industry that is often plagued by staffing shortages and worker burnout.

With Nurseio, there are no commitments to expensive staffing agencies, and facilities get personalized support 24/7 from the platform's team. Meanwhile, healthcare professionals get complete control over their personal schedules, plus the ability to achieve the work-life balance they prefer while receiving premium pay delivered instantly to their bank account after every shift. RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and other professionals can opt for flexible work that fits their schedule and preferences, getting the support they need to prioritize what they value most.

In the year ahead, Nurseio expects to continue to grow and expand into markets across the United States. Currently, the platform has over 33,000 registered healthcare professionals looking for per diem shifts. Facilities are able to quickly fill these shifts by posting them onto Nurseio, where professionals who meet the qualifications and certifications they are looking for can then accept them. 

As Nursieo continues to grow, both healthcare facilities and professionals can expect to see additional opportunities available on the platform and even greater support for streamlining the staffing process. 

About Nurseio

Nurseio is a web and app-based platform that connects healthcare facilities and nursing professionals for PRN and per diem shift work. Through the app, facilities can post and fill open shifts and instantly connect with qualified workers who are ready to accept them, and healthcare professionals can take more control over their careers and work when, where, and how much they want.

Those who are interested in learning more about Nursieo are invited to visit Nurseio's website, where additional information is available regarding the platform's benefits and how it works.

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About Nurseio

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