NuPath's Unity Light Unites All

NuPath's Unity Light unveiled in main lobby of company headquarters.

NuPath, Inc., a local organization focused on the support and integration of developmentally disabled adults into their respective communities, has recently released a video truly capturing their ultimate message: everyone has a place in our world, and they are a vital part of it, too. 

The video depicts various members of the NuPath community carefully choosing samples of stained glass.  These samples were measured, cut, and formed into a light fixture that is now hanging in the lobby of NuPath's headquarters in Woburn. It is dubbed the "Unity Light".   

We had the idea that we needed a symbol to encapsulate our mission, something that pulls us all together

Dan Harrison, President and CEO of NuPath

While NuPath works tirelessly to help their clients live, perform, and grow to their fullest potential, they also work to create a strong sense of belonging for these individuals within an internal community of their own. The Unity Light gives each individual served, as well as staff members and employees, an opportunity to see how they fit into the bigger picture. "We had the idea that we needed a symbol to encapsulate our mission, something that pulls us all together," said Dan Harrison, president and CEO of NuPath.  The Unity Light has done just that.

Many in the NuPath community were excited about the big reveal of the project, mostly looking forward to finding their piece in the mosaic light fixture.  Many have voiced their thoughts and reactions to the Unity Light, but one gentleman in particular summed it up best: "PROUD!" He exclaimed.

This video is both heartwarming and touching.  It can be viewed at
For more information about NuPath and their services, visit 

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