Numeracle and Aegis Mobile to Provide a Comprehensive Know Your Customer Vetting Solution to Verify Identity for Communications

Solution supports service providers' need to vet and verify the identities of organizations communicating across voice and messaging channels in support of FCC requirements

Aegis Mobile + Numeracle

 Numeracle™ Inc. ("Numeracle"), the pioneer of Verified Identity™ for communications, and Aegis Mobile, LLC ("Aegis"), a global provider of innovative mobile web and compliance solutions, today announced a comprehensive verification solution to validate the identity of organizations engaging in business communications for the purpose of fulfilling Know Your Customer ("KYC") requirements. This initiative supports the June 2021 service provider deadline to implement a caller authentication framework to improve the accuracy of caller identity information.

Numeracle's Entity Identity Management™ platform enables service and technology platform providers, business process outsourcing ("BPO") organizations, and contact centers to manage brand identity and phone number usage on behalf of enterprise clients for the purpose of business communications. This KYC-based platform supports service providers' ability to implement local policies to attest to the legitimacy of phone number usage per the SHAKEN Standard. In alignment with the FCC's continued focus on combatting illegally spoofed calls, this solution enables communications providers to verify a business's identity and legal operational status.

Aegis has been a trusted verification partner for wireless carriers, aggregators, industry organizations, and enterprise businesses for over 14 years. To fulfill the rigorous requirements of the service provider to verify the source of traffic delivered across the public switched telephone network ("PSTN"), Aegis's extensive identity verification and authentication services have been integrated into Numeracle's Verified Identity solution to create a dually authenticated risk assessment tool. 

"Combining Numeracle's innovative approach to authenticating the relationship between a brand, its phone numbers, and its communications infrastructure with our ability to verify the identity and legitimacy of any business entity creates a powerful tool critical to protecting Americans from illegally spoofed robocalls," said John Bruner, CEO, Aegis. "This partnership provides a flexible, fully-auditable local policy solution for service providers to identify and address bad actor traffic on the network while mitigating risk."

"The FCC's Enforcement Bureau issued two more cease-and-desist letters to voice service providers suspected of facilitating illegal robocalls this month," said Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, Numeracle. "As a service provider, you are responsible for the clients utilizing your communications framework. Numeracle's and Aegis's identity verification technologies answer the service provider 'call to action' to implement a local policy solution to verify clients' identities and telephone number authorization in support of FCC robocall mitigation initiatives."

To learn more about Aegis Mobile's identity verification, brand protection, fraud detection, third-party integrity assurance, channel risk management, and open-source data intelligence, visit For more information on Numeracle's Entity Identity Management platform to enable communications delivery for Verified Identities, visit

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Numeracle's Entity Identity Management™ and Verified Identity™ platform enables legal entities to prepare for STIR/SHAKEN, prevent improper call blocking and 'Fraud' labeling, and employ best practices to prevent 'Spam' labeling. By working with technology providers, carriers, device manufacturers, analytics companies, and others, we provide visibility and management across the major stakeholders who have an effect on the way communications are presented to consumers to give legal call originators control over their brand's presentation. To learn more, visit

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Aegis has been a trusted channel "verification" partner for wireless carriers, aggregators, and enterprise businesses for over 14 years. Aegis began working with the largest U.S. wireless carrier in 2007 to provide verification and compliance services that ensured the safe and beneficial growth of the digital content market for mobile consumers on the carrier payment and billing platform Premium SMS. Since that time, Aegis has expanded internationally and applied our services to other industries and telecommunications business channels. Aegis has developed a secure set of robust proprietary tools and multiple automated platforms which are employed in conjunction with consistent processes operated by a team of expert investigative resources. These fully auditable platforms meet the highest standards of the wireless industry.

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