Number One Ranked Precision Medicine Doctor in US Joins Pharmazam™ as President and Chief Medical Officer

The country's leading expert in pharmacogenetics teams up with Pharmazam, helping American's get answers regarding their unique genetic makeup and how it relates to optimizing their own healthcare during a pandemic.


​​Pharmazam™, a Real-Time Personalized Healthcare Management System is proud to announce the appointment of its new President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Howard McLeod.

Dr. McLeod, who has served in an advisory role to the Tampa based bio-tech company since 2018, has assisted in the development of the Pharmazam Genetic DNA test and the creation of its supporting technology.

Dr. McLeod, an internationally recognized expert in Pharmacogenetics and precision medicine, has recently been named number 1 in the US and number 2 worldwide in his field.* The accolade comes after Dr. McLeod’s record number of accomplishments and the quality of his research in both pharmacogenomics and precision medicine. When asked about the synergy between Pharmazam and the future of modern healthcare, Dr. McLeod says, “The pandemic has made it clear that patients need a way to drive their own healthcare, and Pharmazam is a powerful tool to do just that.”

Pharmazam has developed a comprehensive management system, which includes advanced strategies to optimize healthcare choices. This includes a physician-prescribed genetic DNA test to assist both patients and their physicians to avoid Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR’s). ADR’s are currently the fourth leading cause of death in the United States with more than 100,000 avoidable deaths each year, costing the US Healthcare system upwards of $530 billion dollars annually.**

Along with Pharmazam’s free proprietary App for Apple ® and Android ® users to download, Dr. McLeod says, “The analytical capabilities also allow Pharmazam to help clinics, health systems, and employers make well-informed choices on how to support their group of patients.”

Dr. McLeod, who’s also a Medical Director for Precision Medicine at the non-profit Geriatric Oncology Consortium and a Professor at the USF Taneja College of Pharmacy, has published more than 575 peer-reviewed papers on pharmacogenetics and drug safety, and he says, “With the current pandemic, we need to care about controlling chronic illness, purposeful additions of new medicines and prepare for important vaccine decisions. The health system’s structure requires that patients have more control and need tools to quickly give them a complete view of their healthcare options. Only Pharmazam can deliver it in a real-time, hand-held manner.”


**Annals of Pharmacotherapy 52(9) #832 Cost of Prescription Drug-Related Morbidity and Mortality, Cost of Illness Study, Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation

About Pharmazam: Pharmazam is an easy to use, FDA-cleared collection device tests and reports on Drug-to-Drug, Gene, Known Allergies, Illness, and a variety of lifestyle choices which better identifies high-risk patients, helping to eliminate “trial by error” prescribing; along with its Pharmazam Medication Management App, which empowers a patient to scan the barcode on more than 130,000 high risk-drugs both prescribed and over-the-counter prior to purchasing or taking a medication. Our Physicians do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe any medications or medical treatments and all information provided is to assist customers in making the best healthcare decisions based on their own personal healthcare records. These records are maintained securely and confidentially, in compliance with the health insurance portability and accountability act.

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Source: Pharmazam