NuggMD, the Nation's Leading Online Telemedicine Platform for Medical Cannabis Patients and Physicians, Expands Its Services to Missouri

​On Jan. 6, 2020, NuggMD, the California-based industry-leading telemedicine platform that connects medical marijuana patients with state-licensed physicians, has announced that they're extending their services to Missouri. NuggMD is committed to expanding access for patients who need cannabis, and to combating policies and prejudices that restrict access to medical marijuana despite overwhelming support for legalization.

As of 2020, NuggMD has helped more than half a million patients obtain their medical marijuana evaluations entirely online with fully-licensed physicians in good standing with their state. They are thrilled to add Missouri physicians to their platform to provide efficient and compassionate care to patients statewide.

In November 2018, Missouri voters passed Amendment 2 by a 66% majority, allowing medical doctors and osteopaths to provide medical marijuana recommendations to patients with a qualifying medical condition. Amendment 2 has built-in protections for physicians who are willing to certify patients for cannabis treatment, but many physicians are still unwilling to discuss this option with their patients due to cannabis's status as a Schedule 1 Drug.

The founders and physicians of NuggMD believe that every Missouri resident deserves the option to use medical marijuana if it can help to relieve their suffering or combat addictions to potentially harmful prescription medications. 

“The FDA and medical establishments are clearly dragging their feet at this point,” says NuggMD founder and CMO Alex Milligan. “The people have spoken in resounding voices, demanding access to cannabis to alleviate suffering. But cannabis is still a Schedule 1 Drug despite the obvious fact that it's helping millions to treat painkiller addiction, epilepsy, PTSD, and many other disorders. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states now, and recreational marijuana is legal in 11 states. It's time for the federal government to admit that cannabis doesn't belong on the Schedule 1 list, and it never did.”

Due to the very liberal list of qualifying conditions in Missouri, the number of marijuana patients in the state is growing at a much more rapid rate than predicted. As of December 2019, more than 22,000 patients had registered with the program despite the fact that dispensaries haven't even opened yet.

NuggMD's founders believe that registration with the program will soon approach the astonishing levels seen in Oklahoma, where roughly 4% of the population became registered patients in only a year. “It wouldn't surprise me to see nearly 3% of Missouri's population sign up for medical marijuana patient IDs by this time next year,” says NuggMD founder and COO Kam Babazade. “The population wanted a liberal qualifying conditions list for a reason – because they want this decision to be up to physicians, not legislators. That's why Amendment 2 won over the other two more conservative measures by a considerable margin. There are thousands of patients who are left behind in other states because their conditions are rare or less common. Don't these patients deserve the same protections? Missouri made the right choice.”

The cost for a medical marijuana evaluation with a state-licensed NuggMD physician is just $139 in Missouri, $99 in Oklahoma, $149 in New York, $79 in Nevada, and $49 in California. All NuggMD physicians are fully-licensed and in good standing in the state for which they offer medical marijuana evaluations.

About NuggMD

NuggMD is the nation's leading medical marijuana technology platform, facilitating access to medical marijuana for patients in New York, California, Nevada, Oklahoma and Missouri. NuggMD's patients receive their evaluations entirely online via face-to-face video chats from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Qualifying medical conditions vary by state. Since their launch in 2016, NuggMD has helped more than half a million medical marijuana patients connect with their new physicians and obtain their medical marijuana recommendations. They are fully committed to improving their patients' quality of life through cannabis.

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Alex Milligan
Co-founder & CMO

Source: NuggMD

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NuggMD is an online telemedicine portal for medical marijuana that has helped over 500,000 patients get their doctor's recommendation.

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