Nucleus Research Report Highlights John Galt as a Leader in Supply Chain Resiliency Planning

John Galt Solutions is proud to be recognized as a leader in supply chain resiliency planning in a new research paper by Nucleus Research titled, "John Galt Leads in Resilience Planning." 

The report shows how Atlas Planning Platform helps companies streamline the S&OP, supply, demand, inventory, production, sales, and financial management processes. The research highlights how three companies in distinct industries—industrial tools, food manufacturing, and oil and gas—successfully transformed their supply chains with John Galt's Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solution.  

Adding the John Galt Atlas Planning Platform gave these companies end-to-end visibility into their supply chains, which helped increase forecast accuracy by at least 20 percentage points, advance operational cost efficiency, and improve scalability. 

By using the digital tool for forecasting, the industrial tools supplier in the report boosted its forecast accuracy by 20 percentage points and increased annual revenue from $450 million to over $4 billion. The food manufacturer cited its Atlas deployment helped drive revenue across 60 countries. The oil and gas company reports Atlas helped improve its forecast accuracy by up to 95%. More precise forecasts enabled the company to optimize gas distribution, save money, and improve employee efficiency.  

"The results these companies report after adding Atlas Planning Software are not uncommon," said Anne Omrod, president and CEO of John Galt Solutions. "Supply Chain Planning solutions inform demand and supply planning, channel shaping and inventory optimization activities. Our solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve demand and supply planning and collaboration between all stakeholders. Improving agility and resiliency readies companies for supply shocks and disruption to reduce their risk and identify and seize market opportunities."  

The Atlas Planning Platform solves key supply chain planning challenges by optimizing the supply chain plan and enabling end-to-end visibility into supply chains. This insight helps companies develop supply chain solutions that improve efficiency, save money, and pivot as the market demands. 

The full Nucleus Research Report titled; "John Galt Leads in Resilience Planning" is available at 

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More than ever, companies must be able to sense and respond to the dynamics of complex global supply chain performance, seize new opportunities, reduce costs and drive profitability. John Galt's Atlas Planning Platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain planning solution with advanced analytics and machine learning to automate planning, break down business silos and deliver greater visibility. Atlas Planning, a SaaS-based platform, transforms S&OP process; demand, inventory and replenishment, supply and inventory optimization, manufacturing planning and scheduling, financial budget and sales forecasting. We partner closely with companies such as MARS, Continental Tire, Hasbro, Milwaukee Tools, Deschutes Brewery, Organic Valley, Netgear, and Civica to empower planners to make better and faster decisions with greater confidence. To learn how John Galt Solutions can help you improve supply chain performance, visit

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