Nsight Psychology & Addiction Invites Military Members to Take Advantage of World-Class, Affordable Treatment Services Through Tricare Network

Nsight Tricare Approved Mental Health Treatment Program for Military & family Members

​Nsight Psychology & Addiction is inviting military members and their families to take advantage of world-class affordable treatment services, now that Nsight has become an authorized provider under Tricare insurance in the Western region.

Nsight Psychology & Addiction’s designation as an authorized Tricare approved mental health treatment and drug abuse treatment provider means there are a range of options depending on the military member’s specific health plan that make treatment costs very reasonable.

Nsight Psychology & Addiction CEO Mary Helen Beatificato says, “Service personnel and/or their family members may experience complex trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and/or substance abuse related issues.” While many treatment centers say they work with dual diagnosis clients, they are unable to admit clients without a substance abuse issue. This is where Nsight Psychology & Addiction differs. Nsight is dually-licensed for both primary mental health and addiction treatment through the State of California and dually accredited by the Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) and the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

“We offer a clinical team with the expertise to guide our service members or families through the hard work,” Beatificato says, “Our team is comprised of licensed Master’s and Doctorate-level therapists and two psychiatrists handpicked from the community because of their experience delivering person-centered, effective care.”

Accepting Tricare is especially important because service personnel, veterans, and their families may not otherwise seek treatment due to the out-of-pocket costs. Most treatment centers in the area can only bill insurance if substance abuse is the primary issue. Unless the client is actively drinking or using drugs, treatment will not be covered by insurance, creating a problematic situation for clients truly struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma, PTSD, or an eating disorder.

Beatificato adds that there are challenges in finding high-quality clinical care. It’s typical in the field to be treated by an associate therapist who is not yet licensed. “However, now vets can have access to treatment by a team who are experienced in working through, often complex issues, which a less-experienced associate may not be able to do.”

Mary Helen Beatificato co-founded Nsight Psychology & Addiction with Dr. Jerry Grosso in 2013, after observing that facilities were claiming to treat underlying mental health issues, but few were actually doing it. Their mission is to provide access to mental health and addiction treatment by licensed professionals who could help individuals gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. “Insight is the key to understanding oneself and the cornerstone to developing a plan for lasting change,” Beatificato says.

A proven leader in mental health and addiction treatment, Nsight Psychology & Addiction offers a comprehensive approach to treating the underlying issues which precede and reinforce certain behaviors, so clients can start towards a more fulfilling and healthier life.


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