NSI Lab Solutions Launches MicroVive: The Only 30-Day Rehydration Fluid for Microbiological Cultures

NSI Lab Solutions is excited to introduce MicroVive™, the only 30-day rehydration fluid for freezer storage of microbiological-certified reference materials. MicroVive is a single formulation designed to protect bacterial and fungal cell viability during frozen storage for up to 30 days. It is available in either 1.2 or 9 mL pre-proportioned volumes and sold in packs of 20 vials. 

MicroVive is perfectly suited for use with NSI Lab Solutions' microbiological-certified reference materials (CRMs) and is the right solution when a laboratory requires multiple cultures to be ready at the same time. Simply place an aliquot of the hydrated inoculum into the MicroVive fluid and store it in the freezer for up to 30 days; frozen samples can then be thawed once for another use. 

"We are pleased to add MicroVive to our growing microbiology portfolio," said Evangeline Gonzalez, President, Antylia Diagnostics division. "As we deliver new products for our customers, we are leveraging ZeptoMetrix® leadership in new product development. And, with MicroVive, our Certified Reference Materials team is excited to partner with laboratories around the world to maximize workflow flexibility." 

More information on how to order new MicroVive and additional NSI Lab Solutions products can be found at https://nsilabsolutions.com/product/microvive/.

Source: NSI Lab Solutions

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