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NS8 is pleased to announce that NS8 Protect™, an eCommerce fraud detection and defense solution, is available as one of the first connectors for the Shopify Flow eCommerce automation platform.

Shopify Flow, available exclusively for Shopify Plus enterprise storefronts, enables merchants to quickly automate important tasks that accelerate business outcomes through its visual workflow builder. Connectors for Shopify Flow allows partners to build triggers and actions so that workflows can be automated across business tools in just a few clicks, increasing operational efficiency and offloading time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Fraud is one of our merchants' most draining hurdles. NS8 Protect's connector automates the time-consuming and complex process of reviewing risky orders, giving merchants back their time and requiring it only when it's absolutely necessary.

Anthony Kentris, Shopify Plus Product Marketing Manager

NS8 Protect supports an order risk analysis trigger that sends information to a merchant’s workflow when an order risk level has changed. For instance, it can instantly track suspicious orders in a Google Sheet, allowing merchants to double check them prior to fulfillment.

“We are excited to have NS8 Protect offered as a Shopify Flow connector,” said NS8 CEO Adam Rogas. “We envision these tools will be invaluable to Shopify Plus merchants, not only in spotting fraud, but also in taking immediate action to process orders.” 

“Fraud is one of our merchants’ most draining hurdles,” said Shopify Plus Product Marketing Manager Anthony Kentris. “NS8 Protect’s connector automates the time-consuming and complex process of reviewing risky orders, giving merchants back their time and requiring it only when it’s absolutely necessary.”

To learn more about how the NS8 Protect connector integrates with Shopify Flow, please visit the resource library at NS8.com. 

About NS8

NS8 provides eCommerce software solutions designed to safeguard businesses against advertising fraud, transaction fraud, and poor site performance. NS8 protects against threats and offers better insight into real customers by utilizing behavioral analytics, real-time user scoring, and global monitoring.

Available through easy-to-install plugins on multiple platforms, NS8’s software solutions empower merchants to quickly minimize risk while better automating fraud management and realizing savings throughout the customer lifecycle.

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